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Product bundling means selling several items together as one combined product. Bundling provides sellers an opportunity to offer convenience and value to buyers. Sellers may create bundles from products in all categories, unless the primary product comes from one of the following categories: Books, Music, Video, DVD (collectively BMVD), and Video Games.

Bundle Guidelines

Creating bundles is easy, but Amazon guidelines must be followed, or sellers risk the removal of the bundle listing or even the suspension of their account.

Guidelines include:

  • Bundles must contain items that complement each other in obvious ways, and offer the buyer a deal, as compared to the same items when purchased separately.
  • As always, product descriptions, features, and images must comply with the Product Listing Policies.
  • The bundle’s main image must include all of the products in the bundle and only those products, with no substitution.
  • Each bundle may be listed only in one category, no matter how many categories the products in the bundle are from.
  • Each bundle should be listed according to the category of its highest priced item, excluding BMVD or Video Games products.
  • For purposes of purchase and return, each bundle must be treated as a single unit.
  • Amazon charges the Referral Fee according to the category in which the bundle is listed.
  • Products in a given bundle may not contain different warranties or extended service plans.
  • Each bundle must have its own unique identifier, whether UPC, EAN, GTIN, or Manufacturer Part Number. That means that the UPC of a product within the bundle will be different from the UPC of the bundle itself.
  • Each seller is responsible for obtaining new UPCs for each bundle.

Note: The bundle may be removed from Amazon’s listing if any single product’s UPC is used as the bundle’s UPC.

How to List a Bundle

  1. The product title should include the word “bundle” together with the number of items in the bundle. For example: Bundle – 3 items: Beach Bag, Beach Towel, Flip Flops.
  2. In addition to the product title, the first bullet of the product features must state clearly that the product is a bundle that includes “x” number of items, and identifies all of the products in the bundle.
  3. The product description must also identify the product as a bundle, and specify the different products include in the bundle by model number, size, color, and so on.

Product Disqualifiers

A product may not be considered a bundle when:

  • It is a multi-pack of one product. In such a case, sellers should display the item with different package quantities.
  • It is a variant on the one product. Rather, sellers should display variations – for example: size, color, and so on.
  • The primary product is found in the BMVD or Video Games categories. Instead, sellers should include a product from other categories in the bundle and list it as the primary product. BMVD and Video Games products may be included in a bundle if they are directly connected to the primary product.

Note: BMVD and Video Games categories do not list bundles.

  • The items in a particular bundle are changed after the bundle has been created. Rather, sellers must remove the current listing and create a new bundle with the desired components.

Note: Each new bundle listing must have a unique identifier (UPC, EAN, GTIN, etc.), or match an existing bundle listing exactly.

  • The items in a particular bundle are not identical to those in an existing bundle listing (when they are listed by the same title). Rather, sellers must create a new bundle listing.

Bundles benefit the buyer by providing a convenient combination of items they will want to use together. Bundles benefit the seller by expediting the sale of several items at once.

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