Seller Protection

Amazon has numerous precautions in place to ensure seller protection. In general, if sellers are careful to adhere to the rules and recommendations laid out by Amazon, then they will be duly protected by Amazon.

Recommended Practices for Sellers

Amazon recommends that sellers develop good customer service in the following ways, to protect themselves from unwanted claims:

  • Ensure clear and reliable product descriptions and images.
  • Distinguish all products by ASIN.
  • Package and ship products carefully and promptly, via trackable shipping.
  • Respond to customer emails.
  • Refund an order before a claim is made, when reasonable.
  • Handle returns promptly and quickly.
  • Cancel out-of-stock orders and notify buyers to that effect.

Note: When sellers list their products in accord with the Amazon Community Rules, and have documentation that the correct product was shipped to the buyer, Amazon is unlikely to hold the sellers responsible.

Seller Responsibility

In the event that a buyer complains of a damaged, defective, or incorrectly fulfilled order, the seller must enable the buyer to return the item for a complete refund. If the seller does not process the return, and Amazon provides the refund as a matter of the A-to-Z Guarantee, Amazon may debit the seller’s account.

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