“At Feedvisor, you have the ability to say anything to anyone, to be heard, and to see your vision realized.”

Avinoam Zelenko
Senior Product Manager

“You feel like you are working among geniuses, always learning from people.”

Gaby Young
Partnerships Manager

“The learning opportunities and professional growth potential at Feedvisor make every day here exciting.”

Rachel Doades
Art Director

Our people

Our people are our most precious asset. Attracting, integrating, developing, and keeping talented Feedvisors will remain a top priority…pretty much forever. We keep the bar high, and strive to continuously raise the bar. Our teams work hard and play hard — that’s our recipe for maximum joy and fulfillment. Talent and excellence comes before strict hierarchy — that’s how we stay innovative and keep growing.

Our purpose

As competition grows in the online marketplace, making business decisions requires analyzing increasingly more data in increasingly shorter periods of time. Feedvisor’s mission is to solve this challenge by enabling sellers to optimize their pricing decisions in real-time, and make more profit.

Our culture

At Feedvisor, people come first. Our team is based on the values of cooperation, trust, effort, and professionalism. All team members are encouraged to think big, take initiative, and own their projects. We foster innovation in every form and field – from high-velocity big-data solutions, to creative B2B marketing campaigns, to exceptional customer success programs.

Our offices

Our central locations means many of us commute by foot and by bike (there are parking spots just for bikes!). Step inside and you’ll notice our open floor plan, designed to promote a free exchange of ideas, with cozy nooks to allow for one-on-one discussions. And managers sit together with their teams, promoting high levels of collaboration. The Feedvisor team runs on fresh espresso and tropical fruits served every morning. Through birthday celebrations, team trips, and holiday parties, Feedvisors embrace every chance to connect and engage with their colleagues.

Open positions

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