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Pivoting Your Prime Day Ads to Back-to-School Ads with These 3 Tips

There is very little time between Prime Day and the back-to-school shopping season. Learn three tips to change your Prime Day ads and deals into an effective back-to-school campaign. By Rachel Van Clepper July 19, 2022
Pivoting Your Prime Day Ads to Back-to-School Ads with These 3 Tips
Parents are expected to spend, on average, $1,248 on back-to-school shopping (up 47% from last year)

This year, there is very little time between Amazon Prime Day, July 12-13, and back-to-school shopping this year. Smart Amazon brands and sellers understand that they can’t afford to pass up this sales opportunity. Back-to-school season has long been a significant sales opportunity and according to Steve Sadove, senior adviser for Mastercard, the second biggest season for retailers and an early indicator of retail momentum

This year, parents are expected to spend, on average, $1,248 on back-to-school shopping (up 47% from last year), according to data from Ziff Media Group and the National Retail Federation.

The good news for brands and sellers utilizing Amazon? The majority (85%) of back-to-school shoppers planned on using Amazon Prime Day to secure deals, allowing brands and sellers to use Amazon Prime as a jumping-off point to continue shopping on Amazon throughout the summer leading up to the start of the school year. 

Make sure your ad strategy doesn’t fall flat when pivoting quickly from Prime Day to Back-to-School sales with our three expert tips. 

How to Pivot Prime Day Ads to Back-To-School Ads in 3 Steps

1. Extend Your Sales and Deals

If you are already running deals for Amazon Prime Day, consider continuing those campaigns by extending your sales and deals on products related to back-to-school. Keep in mind, back-to-school products aren’t just pencils and binders. For example, selling school uniforms or child-aged clothes are great opportunities for extended deals.

Optimize Deals with Back-To-School Themes

To get the most out of your extended sales; you can’t keep your campaigns as is. There are some optimizations you must make, including altering the campaign theme by changing your keywords, ad headlines, or product titles to something more relevant to school-aged children or updating your imagery to show a school setting. 

For example, the image below shows the phrase “Back To School” being used directly in the product title as well as in the description of the product.

example of back-to-school Amazon products

Focus your optimizations on school-related items. According to Insider Intelligence, electronics and books will be the most popular products purchased online rather than in-store, so consider these product categories as opportunities.

You can improve conversions in ads as well as organic rankings and search by selecting the most impactful and relevant keywords for your back-to-school campaign. 

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Some parents will not be making a purchase if the item is not on sale

2. Reframe Your Sales and Discounts with Messaging to Support Inflation

Many families are struggling to navigate higher prices of back-to-school items due to inflation causing parents to stress about shopping for the school year. Only 36% of parents say they can afford their kids’ back-to-school shopping without any issues, which is a 16% dip from the last few years, according to Morning Consult.

Due to the current environment, families are planning on shopping for back-to-school items during sales events, and some parents will not be making a purchase if the item is not on sale, according to Adobe.

The use of empathy in your messaging around back-to-school sales, deals, and ads will be especially important this year. These insights show the importance of continuing deals and ads as well as empathic messaging, indicating that your brand cares for and supports families during this challenging period of inflation. If done correctly, empathic messaging paired with product deals and discounts can earn goodwill and loyalty from shoppers. 

3. Use Prime Day Sales as Indicator for Ad Investments

Cost-conscious consumers are coming to Amazon first for their back-to-school shopping needs. Be sure your products are seen with continued ads and promotions of your back-to-school deals and sales, coupled with empathic messaging and new keywords discussed above. 

Consider Your Budget When Making Your Ad Strategy

Depending on your budget, you may be unable to maintain the ad investments you made on Prime Day. Instead, use your Prime Day insight to monitor sales trends and your best-selling products to better understand which products to advertise for during your back-to-school campaign. 

Analyze your top-performing products during your Prime Day sales and cross-reference those with the products that can perform for back-to-school to understand where you should be investing your ad budget.

If you don’t have enough data or want to double-check your results, you can analyze industry trends and top-selling ASINs to determine which products you want to prioritize.

Choose Your Best Performing Ad Types

Not only do you need to decide what products to advertise, but you also need to consider the best-performing ad types. We typically find that Sponsored Product ad campaigns are usually effective when promoting school supplies and school-related products.

Regardless of the ad type you choose, be sure the connection is clear between your product ad and how it relates to the back-to-school theme. 

Try to include images of children using the products, especially in a school setting to illustrate the theme of your campaign, as in the example below.

amazon product elmer's back-to-school

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Rachel Van Clepper is a content marketing writer for Feedvisor, where she contributes to the company’s content marketing initiatives. Before joining Feedvisor, she was a senior content marketing writer for a nonprofit software company.

Final Thoughts

E-commerce back-to-school sales are predicted to grow 6.8% year-over-year, according to Insider Intelligence, showing the ever-present importance of e-commerce in the back-to-school space. 

To best utilize your time and resources, follow our three tips above to pivot to your Amazon back-to-school campaigns and stay top of mind for your consumers. Keep checking back in with Feedvisor for more information to shift your campaigns and strategies for the next big sales season, holiday shopping.

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