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Sponsored Brands Video’s Role in Brand Growth

Learn the importance of Sponsored Brands videos for brand growth and find out how to grow your brand reach and conversions with impactful brand video tips and tricks. By Rachel Van Clepper January 13, 2022
Sponsored Brand Video's Role in Brand Growth

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, 41% of brands said Amazon Advertising was among the new strategies they deployed. But as more and more brands begin using Amazon’s available advertising features, your brand needs to learn to stand out. One way to stand out among static images is Sponsored Brands videos. 

Sponsored Brands videos, introduced in 2020, are continuing to make a big impact on advertising success on Amazon. But why choose Sponsored Brands videos over other advertising options to grow your brand reach and conversions? This blog will answer that question and teach you:

If you are new to Sponsored Brands Videos, check out our essential guide on uploading and optimizing your own Sponsored Brands Videos on Amazon.

Who can use Sponsored Brands Videos?

Sponsored Brands are available for vendors, book vendors, agencies, and all professional sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry. Sponsored Brands videos are a type of Sponsored Brands campaign that can appear on top of, alongside, or within consumers’ shopping results on both desktop and mobile.

Video ads function the same way as usual Sponsored Brands ads, your video ads have a keyword target, cost-per-click, and link to the product detail page on Amazon to learn more about purchasing the product.

Forty-four percent of brands see a 7x-10x return on Amazon Advertising.

Why Sponsored Brands Videos are Necessary

Seventy-eight percent of brands are currently selling on Amazon’s marketplace. If you are part of the Sponsored Brands Program, you already have an advantage over competitors that are not. To compete in the ever-growing competition on Amazon, you want to use all the tools in your toolbelt.

Sponsored Brands Videos give you the following benefits:

  • Differentiation

The first and most important reason is differentiation. Sponsored Brands videos help you stand out in shopping results, especially because it is not available for all. Video ads will start to play automatically when 50% or more of the advertisement is on the screen. The movement of the video will get your consumer’s attention and, if done well, will lead them to your product’s page.

  • Brand Awareness

Videos increase your visibility and give you control to present your brand the way you want to customers. When your video does draw the attention of a potential customer, they can either learn more about your brand or the specific product you are featuring. This gives you the control for consumers to learn about all of your offerings and not just one product. 

  • Relevant Consumers

The Sponsored Brands program makes it easy to reach customers searching for similar products by using keyword targeting. When it comes to advertising anywhere, but especially on Amazon, you want to match your product to the customers that actually need it. The range of tools and reports available for videos helps you analyze your campaign’s performance and success to ensure that every time you create a video, they get better and better. This saves you advertising costs by finding the best audience niche for your brand and products.

If you already use the Sponsored Ads creative builder, video ads will be easy to create and set up. All you need to do is upload your completed video the same way you would do so for your other creative assets.

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Pro Tip: Feature multiple products that best showcase your brand, when applicable. Show how you can pair the products together. This will help the consumer understand your full offerings and might inspire some more purchases in their Amazon cart.

Tips to Grow Your Brand Reach and Increase Conversions with Sponsored Brands Videos

Advertising is an essential pillar in brand growth. As we continue to see video winning over static imagery, it’s how you can stand out from others brands.

Building a strong brand takes time and consistency, and Sponsored Brands Videos are a great way to take control of your brand and increase your brand reach and conversions in a controlled way. As a brand selling and advertising on Amazon, the goal seems simple, increase your brand reach and increase your conversions. Using Sponsored Brands Videos is a great start, but here are a few tips and tricks to create impactful and evolving Sponsored Brands video campaigns on Amazon.

1. Make Sure Your Video Makes Sense Without Sound

Sponsored Brands videos will play automatically, but by default, the video will always start without audio. Consumers can tap the button in the lower right-hand corner of the video to play sounds, but you will need to draw their attention without sound to compel them to take this action.

One way you can make your videos more interesting or helpful is to add on-screen text rather than relying solely on a voiceover. If your brand has a logo, it is a good idea to add the logo to the corner of your video.

For specific guidelines for on-screen text, refer to Amazon’s Sponsored Brands video article.

2. Keep it Short, Sweet, and Formatted

The ever-so-common phrase “keep it short and sweet” works very well in this case. Amazon recommends that the optimal video length is between 15-30 seconds. By keeping your video brief and focused, you can effectively hold your customers’ attention while communicating your key selling points with them.

This can be difficult to fit everything your brand into a 15-second video, which means you need to be very clear on the core message you want to get across. We recommend focusing on a particular product you offer in videos that is emblematic of your product line or brand as a whole. There is no way that in 15-seconds, you can tell the whole story of your brand, so make sure the story you are telling is impactful or helpful.

Another piece of the formatting you need to consider is the automatic loop. Be sure that your first video clip matches well with the last clip to avoid an abrupt visual experience for the viewer. That means you want to avoid fade-ins or fade-outs to make your video smooth and seamless, even after it ends and restarts the loop.

3. Show Your Product 

Within the first second of the video, your viewer should know what you sell. Don’t bury the lead. Feature your product or products prominently at the beginning of the video for the best performance. 

Capture their attention from the beginning by starting with a product shot rather than fading in from black or an empty frame. It only takes a second for a shopper to scroll by.

If possible, show the product being used or assembled. Be sure to consider your target audience for the visual choices you make to be sure you are connecting with them in these visuals. You want to showcase your brand centering on the people that matter, your customers.

 4. Know Your Audience

If you are advertising on Amazon, you realize how important it is to know your audience. On Amazon, customers are shopping for both products and brands, and when you are advertising, you want to be sure you are spending your advertising dollars on the right people. 

In order to attract the right audience, your video content should be educational, demonstrative, and, as we said before, product-focused. If you really know your audience, you know the most important features you need to showcase in your video. 

After the video is created and ready to be added to a campaign, now is the time to check to be sure you are creating a campaign that connects shoppers strategically with dynamic or custom creative, product or lifestyle targeting, and deal or general brand messaging. 

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5. Analyze Campaign Results to Improve Performance & Do It Again

While your Sponsored Brands Video campaign is running, use your downtime to build retargeting pools that you can use later for upcoming product promos or if you have an influx of inventory.

After the video campaign has ended, it’s time to analyze the results and make adjustments. How many clicks did your video get compared to your conversion rate? Find small adjustments you can make to the video, surrounding copy, targeting combinations, and bids to find what best works when showcasing your brand.

If you aren’t quite happy with your results but aren’t sure what went wrong, try testing a few different types of videos to see what best performs with your audience of choice. If each performs similarly, it may be time to consider if you have the right target audience in mind or the appropriate budget to reach the audience you are prioritizing.

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Final Thoughts

Videos will continue to be an important part of any brand’s advertising strategy in 2022, both on Amazon through Sponsored Brands Videos and outside of Amazon. If you haven’t made video a part of your advertising strategy, now is your time to start.

Looking to do more with Amazon advertising, Feedvisor’s AI-driven Amazon advertising optimization and intelligence platform supports all types of ads, including Sponsored Brand Video. Learn more about Feedvisor’s Amazon advertising platform.


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