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Amazon FBA, FBM, SFP: Which Is Right for You?

In this playbook, uncover why you should incorporate a revisit to your Amazon fulfillment method into your quarterly business processes. By Catie Grasso November 5, 2019
Amazon FBA, FBM, SFP: Which Is Right for You?
Catie Grasso
About the Author

Catie Grasso is a content manager at Feedvisor where she oversees and executes on the company's content strategy. She enjoys running, trying new restaurants, and traveling.

Between product sourcing, inventory fulfillment and supply chain logistics, competitive analysis, adhering to Amazon’s marketplace fees and policies, maintaining margins, advertising, pricing, and customer engagement, selling on Amazon requires extensive bandwidth and time management.

Establishing a sound fulfillment strategy is of the utmost importance, as any hiccups in fulfillment can lead to a negative customer experience, manifesting in a late delivery, defective product, incorrect product, or product stockout. 

Nearly a quarter (22%) of Amazon sellers say shipping and fulfillment is an area of their business they want to improve over the next year and more than one-fifth (21%) want to test out additional shipping and fulfillment methods. 

In this playbook, our Amazon experts have curated an extensive resource for you to reference when determining if you need to make a change to your fulfillment method as well as the specific skills you need to execute the transition without impacting your bottom line.

What Will You Learn in the Playbook?

  • The key differences and benefits of FBA, FBM, and SFP
  • A breakdown of how many Amazon sellers are utilizing each fulfillment option
  • Products with proven success rates with each fulfillment method
  • Overviews of specific FBA programs such as FBA Small and Light

As your business scales and changes over time, revisiting your fulfillment method will allow you to uncover any previous blind spots and generate additional product exposure and sales opportunities. The variables to consider when determining if you need to make an adjustment are outlined in the playbook, but key factors include the size of your operation, forecasted growth potential, and your product categories.

Given that your fulfillment method can impact high-stakes variables such as your Buy Box share and overall account health, it is not a decision — or transition — to be taken lightly. It also may be in your favor to balance multiple fulfillment methods depending on the composition of your Amazon catalog. Reference the specific tips in this playbook to help you make a strategic, vetted business decision regarding fulfillment.

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