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Amazon Launches Heavy and Bulky FBA Program in the UK

Amazon is launching a new FBA program in the UK for sellers with large products in their inventory. Read on to learn more. By Catherine Ibarra March 11, 2021

Amazon announced it will launch its Heavy and Bulky Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program in the UK on April 1, 2021. The service will help accommodate Amazon sellers who carry large products in their assortment, which includes major appliances, furniture, huge exercise equipment, and more.

Heavy and Bulky will be available for Amazon sellers in the UK, as well as in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. While Amazon has increased the threshold for large products through its new FBA program, the maximum weight and dimensions allowed vary per country.

In addition to the Heavy and Bulky FBA program storing and shipping massive products on behalf of sellers, the program also provides greater delivery options for customers. Customers who have or do not have a Prime membership can select from Scheduled and Room of Choice delivery options, depending on their region. Customers will be notified of the available delivery services through Product detail page messages.

The program will charge sellers a minimum referral fee of £15/ €15 for each item sold, on top of other FBA-related fees. The program requires a greater investment than the standard FBA program, however, sellers may find the service more cost-effective than fulfilling large products on their own.

Heavy and Bulky is a domestic fulfillment service. Amazon sellers that would like to use the FBA program in different stores will need to generate a distinctive offer (FNSKU code) for every store and ship their items to each country.

FBA services, such as the European Fulfillment Network and Pan-European FBA, will not be available for items that are eligible for Heavy and Bulky at this time. Sellers in EU countries are no longer able to store their inventory in Amazon UK warehouses due to the Brexit regulations that went into effect in the beginning of the year.

It is important to note that sellers who are interested in using the Heavy and Bulky FBA program must package every product SKU into a single carton, otherwise their items will be turned down at Amazon’s dock.


Products that qualify for Heavy and Bulky must have at least one of the following minimum criteria: a 31.5kg weight, 175cm length, or 360cm girth. If your items do not meet the threshold required, you can still list your products using the standard FBA program.

As mentioned above, the maximum product weight and dimensions are different in each participating country. The maximum item weight in Spain is 40kg, while France accepts up to 300kg in weight. Furthermore, Spain and Italy have the highest maximum product girth at 800cm. The only criteria that is the same across the five countries is length, which ranges between 175cm to 300cm.

Product Enrollment

The product enrollment process for Heavy and Bulky is the same as the standard FBA program. Items that meet the eligibility requirements for Heavy and Bulky will be routed to the appropriate fulfillment centers. Make sure to review the FBA product restrictions webpage before listing your products to ensure Amazon allows your items in its warehouses.

Refer to this guide to begin using the Heavy and Bulky FBA program once it becomes available.

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Final Thoughts

Amazon will be launching its Heavy and Bulky FBA program on April 1 in the UK, as well as in EU countries. Sellers with large products in their inventory should take advantage of the new FBA program as it will not only handle the fulfillment process but it will also offer their Prime and non-Prime customers additional delivery services that will enhance the shopper experience.

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