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Amazon Buy With Prime: What This Means For Amazon Sellers and Brands

Learn how sellers and brands both on and off Amazon’s platform can grow their e-commerce businesses by utilizing Amazon’s new ‘Buy With Prime’ feature. By Rachel Van Clepper May 23, 2022
Amazon Buy With Prime: What This Means For Amazon Sellers and Brands

There are now over 200 million Amazon Prime subscribers. That is 200 million shoppers loyal to shopping on Amazon. What would you do if you could tap into that loyal customer base on your direct-to-consumer e-commerce website? With Amazon’s new ‘Buy with Prime’ feature, now you can.

Learn what Amazon is doing to make Amazon Prime online shopping happen off Amazon and find out how it can benefit both Amazon sellers and shoppers.

'Buy With Prime' lets sellers, brands, and retailers offer Amazon Prime Membership benefits on their own e-commerce website.

What is Amazon Buy With Prime?

Amazon Buy with Prime is a new way that businesses can use Amazon to grow their e-commerce or direct-to-consumer stores. E-commerce businesses can use Buy with Prime on their own e-commerce website to help convert shoppers by giving them the features they know and love as Amazon Prime members, including fast and free delivery and a familiar checkout experience. 

Essentially, this Buy With Prime feature allows sellers, brands, and retailers to offer the benefits of Amazon Prime on their own e-commerce websites.

Who Can Use Amazon Buy With Prime?

Amazon Buy with Prime is currently invite-only for merchants who use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services. Later this year, this feature will also be available for retailers not selling on Amazon or using FBA through invite-only. 

If you are interested in joining, you can add your information to Amazon’s Buy With Prime interest list.

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How Does Amazon Buy With Prime Work?

Invited businesses can use the Buy With Prime feature by including the Amazon Prime logo next to their listed online products with corresponding delivery promises on specific products on their existing websites outside of

Doing so allows shoppers to enjoy their Amazon Prime membership benefits outside of shopping on Amazon.

Amazon Buy With Prime Example

How Does Amazon Buy With Prime Work For Sellers?

Buy with Prime’s biggest benefit is accessing the Amazon Prime member customer base by letting them use their Prime membership and benefits for a fast check-out experience and delivery.

To participate in Buy with Prime, the current guidelines state that Amazon sellers need to be using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Those who already participate in FBA can quickly and easily add Buy with Prime to their online stores. This allows participating businesses to extend shopping benefits such as fast and free shipping, easy checkouts, and free returns on your own e-commerce website.

Buy with Prime Amazon Seller Benefits

There are many benefits of using Buy with Prime as a seller, including building immediate trust with Amazon’s existing Prime Member base using the logo and Amazon Prime’s well-known promise of fast delivery and free returns. This is another avenue to give sellers more control of their brand by bringing more visitors onto their website while still getting many benefits of selling on Amazon.

Buy with Prime Amazon Seller Price

Participating businesses will have to pay service fees, payment processing fees, fulfillment fees, and storage fees, just like any retailer or seller that uses Amazon Prime. Though it is important to note that there is no fixed subscription fee or long-term contracts needed to participate in the service.

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How Do Customers Use Amazon Buy With Prime Online Shopping?

Customers shopping on an e-commerce site outside of will see the Amazon Prime logo next to certain products that indicate that they have free or next-day delivery and will have the opportunity to check out with their Amazon account. 

After purchase, shoppers will receive a shipping and delivery confirmation from Prime, the same experience a Prime shopper would get shopping on

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Final Thoughts

This is just another step Amazon is taking to better compete against rivals such as Shopify and other cargo and shipping companies like UPS. Amazon has been building its FBA services up for retailers since 2006 and now includes both air and ground shipping and transportation, along with Multi-Channel Fulfillment that allows fulfillment from any e-commerce sales channel. 

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