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When is Prime Day 2022? We Make Our Prediction

Find out when Amazon Prime Day 2022 might be held and ways Amazon sellers and brands can prepare to ensure a successful Prime Day campaign. By Rachel Van Clepper April 19, 2022
When is Prime Day 2022? We Make Our Prediction

Since the humble beginnings of Amazon Prime Day in 2015, Prime Day has grown into a major shopping holiday for consumers and retailers alike. In an effort to benefit from the Amazon-specific event, other major retailers have created their own online deals during Prime Day, including Target, Best Buy, and Kohl’s. Walmart even launched their own competing event.

Amazon Prime Day for many years was held in July, and it wasn’t until Amazon Prime Day 2020 that the event got pushed to October, due to concerns with the pandemic. Even though Amazon’s annual Prime Day event returned to a traditional summer date in 2021, it was still atypical due to the date being in June. Even so, the June date benefited most brands and their sales. Although limited inventory hurt performance, 47% of brands saw an increase in sales with Prime day returning to the summer

Boasting over 200 million Amazon Prime members, Prime Day is an opportunity for Amazon brands and sellers to bring in more sales both on and off Amazon. In fact, 35% of brands advertise more during Prime Day than on any other holiday, even though Black Friday remains the sales winner.

With the considerable importance that brands, sellers, and consumers place on this event, the date is not usually announced in an official capacity until two to three weeks before, leaving most in the dark. However, our Amazon experts have been connecting the information that has come out, and have a pretty accurate prediction of when Amazon Prime Day 2022 will start.

Our prediction? Amazon Prime 2022 will be the second week of July, starting on July 11th.

When Is Amazon Prime Day 2022: Our Prediction

There is no official announcement for Amazon Prime Day 2022 dates as of yet, but Amazon has been releasing some advertising and shipping recommendations and deadlines, leading many to believe that the next Amazon Prime Day will be in the second week of July. 

To be even more precise, some marketplace experts predict that Amazon Prime Day will fall on July 11 or July 18.

Why Will Amazon Prime Day 2022 Be in July?

Here is why we think the next Amazon Prime Day will be in the second or third week of July:

1. Amazon FBA Inventory Cutoff Date

In early March, Amazon posted a message in Seller Central’s online community sharing the FBA inventory cutoff date to be June 30th; later, the date changed from June 30th to June 20th. 

Knowing that the Amazon FBA inventory cutoff date is June 20th gives a clue into the possible dates for Amazon Prime Day, as it generally takes 2-4 weeks to process shipments and merchandise once it arrives at Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

In the past three years, the FBA inventory cutoff date was, on average, 24 days before Prime Day, according to Fahim Naim, head of Amazon at Advantage Unified Commerce, which this year would fall on July 14th.

2. Amazon Prime Day Usually Begins on a Monday

Historically, Amazon Prime Day almost always begins on a Monday. If the early July prediction is correct, Amazon Prime Day 2022 will most likely begin on July 11th or 18th. Especially if you consider that the first Monday of the month of July is Independence Day. 

It is doubtful that Amazon would choose the Fourth of July to host their event because of the unpredictability of a holiday due to consumer travel and shopping habits.

3. Prime Day Usually Happens in July.

Last year, Amazon Prime Day was held on June 21-22, which is the earliest date it has ever been. 

It wasn’t until 2020 that the pandemic led to a postponed event being hosted in October.  We predict this year that Amazon will move back towards the norm and be held in July.

Don’t just spend more. Spend strategically to make every dollar count. Base your bids off conversion rates and revenue-per-click, and with a massive increase in conversion rates on Prime Day, your bidding can be more aggressive.

How Can You Prepare for Amazon Prime Day Now?

Given the tight turnaround that many sellers and brands need to take to prepare for Amazon Prime Day, the clock is already ticking to get everything in order for a successful Prime Day campaign.

Here are a few things you can do to better prepare for the upcoming event.

Get your Deals, Bundles, and Discounts Ready

Deals, bundles, discounts, and competitive pricing all give you an advantage on Prime Day because customers are looking for “the best deal” and not necessarily a specific product.

Important Amazon Deals and Coupon Dates

  • April 29: Prime Day Deals Deadline for Consideration and Lightning Deals Submission (U.S. and Canada)
  • June 10: Coupon Submission Deadline

If you missed the deadline for lightning deals, there are still many other ways to utilize different pricing and deal strategies to win on Prime Day based on your goals:

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Start Your Amazon Advertising Early

Advertising competition has reached new heights, as brands and retailers understand the need to increase ad spend around crucial shopping periods. Last year, ACoS rose 22%, with CPCs increasing 28% across all categories. 

But with greater spending brings greater results. In the weeks leading up to Prime Day 2022, there is increased traffic on Amazon or “online-window shopping.” Brands running deals saw a 5.2x sales lift compared to the daily average. In contrast, brands without deals saw a lighter lift of just 1.3x average daily sales. 

Maximize your impact for Amazon Prime Day 2022 by beginning to run your Amazon advertising campaigns at least two weeks before the event. By beginning testing early, you have the capacity for ongoing adjustments to the campaign and optimizations to bids, keywords, and ad spend.

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Evaluate Your Inventory Stock Levels

Evaluate your stock levels and upcoming shipments to avoid stockouts. Check your pricing approach and detail pages for popular SKUs to better understand the impact on stock levels on Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon sellers need to order their inventory as soon as possible, especially if their orders are coming from China, to make the June 20th deadline. Roadblocks like COVID-19 outbreaks and customs continue to slow down the process of getting orders in quickly.

Be sure to take into consideration inventory for after the major event as well, as Prime Day traditionally leads to higher sales for businesses in the approximately 14-day period that follows the event’s conclusion.

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Need some help evaluating stock levels, pricing optimization, and running effective advertising campaigns for Amazon Prime Day 2022? Feedvisor360 is an “AI-first” powered technology that gives you the power to automatically analyze your entire operations and make continuous, real-time optimizations to drive profitable growth with your Amazon business. Test Feedvisor360 out before the big event, free for 30-days.

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