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Black Friday Already Started According to Amazon and Target

By Rachel Van Clepper October 14, 2021
Black Friday Already Started According to Amazon and Target

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Black Friday deals are starting early for Amazon and many other major retailers.

Although Black Friday starts Friday, November 26th, Amazon is getting a jump start with its “Black Friday-worthy deals.” 

On Monday, October 4th, Amazon announced discounts across every available category, including toys. The daily rotating deals can be found on the “Epic Daily Deals” webpage, including special select days for popular brands like Apple, KitchenAid, and Hasbro.

But Amazon isn’t the only company to jump right into Black Friday deals in October. Target announced that it will be bringing back its “Deal Days” starting October 10th for three days, both in-store and online, on the same date as last year.

When is Black Friday 2021?

  • Amazon: “Black Friday-worthy deals” have already begun, starting on October 4th, 2021. 
  • Walmart: Last year, Walmart leaked its popular Black Friday ad on Oct. 22, 2020. We can guess that Walmart will be releasing their Black Friday ad deals again in October. Be on the lookout for the release date soon.
  • Target: Target will be bringing back its “Deal Days” starting October 10th for three days both in-stores and online, although their actual Black Friday sales won’t begin until November 26th.

Why Are Black Friday Deals Starting Early?

What says “‘tis the season” more than shipping delays during major shopping holidays? Last year, many Black Friday sales began at the end of October, and this year the date is even sooner. 

Why is it even sooner this year? Ongoing supply chain issues and labor shortages have pushed Amazon and many other major retailers to encourage shoppers to start their holiday shopping early. 

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Every year, more and more people shop online during the holidays. The increase in demand has caused the U.S. Postal Service to increase prices for the peak holiday shopping season. FedEx is also adding a fuel surcharge on specific shipments starting in November. 

While shipping delays are expected, unlike last year, brands and sellers have a better idea of what to expect, and shoppers are much more prepared to start shopping early.

What Else Do You Need To Know About Early Black Friday Deals?

It seems that Amazon is always coming out with something new or improved, and this month is no different. Continue reading for more Amazon holiday news.

You Don’t Need Your Uncle’s Address to Send Him a Gift on Amazon

Along with the early release of “Black Friday-worthy deals,” Amazon has added a new tool for Prime members in the U.S. on its app. 

The new tool lets Prime members send gifts to friends and family with a phone number or email address without a physical address. The recipient then can receive it or exchange it for an Amazon gift card without the sender knowing.

Amazon’s Gift Guides are Already Live

Like usual, Amazon has released their selection of gift guides, including the Holiday Toy List, Stocking Stuffer Picks, and Customers’ Most-Loved. To find the selection of gift guides, you can browse Amazon’s popular gifts or visit the Holiday Prep shop. 

Amazon has also included ways for shoppers to support small businesses with their Small Business Storefront and small business guides.


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Final Thoughts

Being featured in one of Amazon’s Gift Guides or optimizing sponsored ads are great ways to attract new shoppers for the holidays. With Black Friday deals starting even earlier, now is your last chance to get your name in there. If you want your store to be featured in Amazon’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide, you have to accept Amazon Pay as a payment option and sign up for your chance to be featured.

And if you need additional support to feel holiday-ready, we’ve created a free guide for you to Win on Amazon in Just Five Steps.


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