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5 Tips to Grow Your Brand on Amazon

Learn how you can grow your brand on Amazon’s highly competitive landscape with these specific tips and tools. By Catherine Ibarra September 1, 2020
5 Tips to Build Your Brand on Amazon

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The accelerated growth of e-commerce is undeniable. Amazon has further solidified its No. 1 market position this year. As consumers are becoming more Amazon-centric, it is critical for brands on the platform to maintain a competitive edge or they will get overshadowed by the influx of competitors. Learn how you can grow your brand on Amazon with these five tips.

1. Enroll in Amazon’s Brand Registry Program

Amazon’s Brand Registry program enables you to legitimize your brand on Amazon. Today, over 100,000 brands have enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry. By enrolling in Brand Registry, you gain greater control over product detail pages and enhanced security over your products and brand representation. 

The service helps prevent your products from being changed or edited by other sellers and also provides search and reporting tools to detect potential infringement. Establishing credibility with your customers and taking advantage of greater security features will set up your brand for success.

2. Optimize Your Product Detail Pages 

Creating compelling content for your product detail pages can boost sales and improve organic rankings. A+ Content unlocks multimedia features to add to your product detail pages, including high-definition images, videos, comparison charts, and more. 

Providing rich content with engaging media can drive shoppers to purchase your products. The key is to be creative and informative while demonstrating how your products are superior in comparison to your competitors. Enhancing your product detail pages will help differentiate your products, convey your unique brand story, and offer shoppers more information to inform their purchase decisions.

3. Convey Your Brand Story With Amazon Stores

Amazon Stores is a free service that allows you to create a dedicated and customized landing page for your brand on Amazon. You can create an elevated shopping experience easily with Amazon’s store-builder tool (design experience is not necessary). 

Amazon Stores is also a great way to showcase your brand story. Thoughtfully illustrating your brand’s story on Amazon Stores and utilizing all of its features will leave a lasting impression on buyers. Demonstrating your brand story on Amazon Stores can create meaningful connections with your customers.

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4. Leverage Social Media and the Amazon Influencer Program

Over 3 billion people are projected to use social media by 2021, according to Statista. Not only is social media a great medium to drive sales on Amazon but buyers are also turning to social media to consume product information. The Amazon Social Media Playbook by Feedvisor gives great insight on how to utilize social media to grow your brand. 

The Amazon Influencer Program is also a great option to explore. Amazon Influencers build awareness, drive traffic to products, and boost conversions. Leveraging social media or the Amazon Influencer Program can help to significantly expand your customer reach.

5. Increase Brand Awareness Through Amazon Advertising 

Amazon has expanded to a full-funnel advertising service with Amazon Advertising. Amazon Advertising can improve brand awareness on and off Amazon’s website. However, as more brands switch to Amazon Advertising, being innovative on how to enhance advertising efforts is essential. 

Feedvisor offers leading AI technology that can optimize your Sponsored ads on Amazon in real time and has a team of Amazon DSP experts that can leverage your company across the web to its maximum potential. Increasing your brand awareness to its greatest capacity is possible with Feedvisor leading your Amazon Advertising.

Final Thoughts

A new normal for e-commerce is underway. Consumers have a newfound appreciation for e-marketplaces and brands are re-evaluating strategies in order to stay ahead. Amazon is more competitive than ever before. Apply the five tips provided to help your brand thrive on Amazon.

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