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Amazon Announced a Prime Fall Deal Event: Experts Share Their Opinions

Find out more information about the upcoming 2022 Prime Fall Deal Event from Amazon experts, including their tips and prediction on the ROI for sellers in this brand-new Prime event. By Rachel Van Clepper June 29, 2022
Fall Prime Day Event
We expect Prime Fall Deal Event to begin in October, though the exact dates are unclear. 

Update: Amazon’s second Prime Day sale will take place Oct. 11-12, 2022

The upcoming Amazon Prime Day two-day event is starting on July 12th and will be the first of two large Amazon Prime events in 2022. Though not officially announced, Amazon has invited some sellers to participate in a Prime Day event that will be held in the fall, in addition to the upcoming Prime Day in July. 

This is not the first time Amazon has held two Prime events in the same year. Last year, Amazon announced its first-ever multi-week Holiday Beauty Haul running from October 4th to the 25th. The event featured deals and discounts for beauty, grooming, and self-care items.

While not much is yet known about the Prime Fall Deal Event, continue reading to get our Amazon experts’ take on the event and how you can begin preparing.

What is Prime Fall Deal Event Week?

This is a new shopping event that will be similar to Prime Day, though seller participation is much more limited as Amazon has been quietly inviting a small handful of sellers to this event. A lot of information is still unknown, but here is what we do know.

When Are FBA Shipping and Deal Deadlines?

Deal Deadlines

The deadlines for deals for the Prime Fall Deal Event like Lightning Deals are still unclear. 

For some sellers, the Lightning Deals deadline is September 2, 2022, while others indicate that they have been given a July 22nd deadline for Lightning Deals. For this reason, we suggest preparing your deals before July 22nd to ensure you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

FBA Shipping Deadlines

One seller announcement showed that Amazon indicated their FBA deadline to ship products is September 12th for the fall event. Keep your eye out on your Vendor or Seller Central to see any additional updates in the future.

When is the Prime Fall Deal Event?

We expect this event to take place in October, though the exact dates are unclear. 

Last year Amazon had a beauty product sales event in October. Perhaps this was a test for an even larger event for 2022? This year’s Prime Fall Deal Event is said to include the sales of TVs, sneakers, and more.

Besides last year’s Beauty event in October, what other indications show that this event will also happen in October? Some experts believe the FBA shipping deadlines and lightning deal submissions give a good clue as to when the event will be held.

We know Amazon generally takes around three weeks to check inventory after arrival. With the deadlines for FBA shipping being September 12th, a good prediction for the event to start would be early October.

“For Prime Day deals, Amazon generally gives a deadline of 1-2 months before the event to submit Lightning Deals,” Gitty Jamizada, E-Commerce Ad Specialist, explains. “I would expect the Prime Fall Deal Event to be held in early to mid-October since Lightning Deal deadlines are between the end of July and September.”  

Prime Fall Deal Event Sales & Predicted Impact

Ramping Up Holiday Sales Early

Since this is the first event of its kind, it is important to reference similar events during a comparable time period, such as Prime Day in 2020. Our experts agree that looking back on Prime Day 2020 performance is a great place to start when considering the expectations of this Fall event.

“In 2020, Amazon postponed Prime Day to October 13-14, and many were unsure how this date change would impact sales and sellers,” Keaton Sieve, Senior E-Commerce Advertising Specialist shares. “Despite the uncertainty, Prime Day 2020 was another record-breaking success. Third-party sellers surpassed $3.5 billion in global sales, according to Amazon data. If used strategically, I believe this Prime Fall Deal event can be used as a successful early kick-off to holiday shopping.”

If you are looking to kickstart your holiday season, this event is a great way to utilize the momentum, and our experts agree. “This new Amazon event may be a great opportunity for a boost in sales,” E-Commerce Ad Specialist Brooke Whitaker states. “A week-long event will help to increase customer demand at a typically slow period leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.”

Starting to promote holiday sales is also a smart strategy for sellers who are worried about the continued impact of the supply chain. “This is a good thing for sellers to start building sales early,” Marc Dunn, Head of CS Enablement at Feedvisor, explains. “With the supply chain issues, it might be a similar story to last year where sellers had an early more spread out season.”

Hesitation on Proven Impact & Barriers

But it is not all good news. A lack of historical data makes it hard for sellers to decide whether it is worth participating in. “During high traffic events on Amazon, advertising bids get pushed higher, and it is easy to overspend on daily and weekly ad spend budgets,” Matthew Visone, Strategic Account Manager Team Lead at Feedvisor, shares.

Sellers who have been invited to the event are unsure about making a significant investment in an event they know little about. Others are hesitant due to inventory and budget decisions. 

“The biggest barrier to this additional Prime Day event is making sure consumers expect the fall shopping event,” explains Ashley Mohan, Advertising Manager, and Managed Services Team Lead at Feedvisor. “When Amazon Prime Day shifted from summer to fall in 2020, 44% of consumers said they were unaware that Amazon changed the date of Prime Day, according to Feedvisor data.”

"When planning for the Prime Fall Deal Event, take a look at your advertising budget alongside your goals to determine if you are going to go all-in or all-out for the event,” Matthew Visone explains. 

Getting Ready for the Fall Event

For sellers, increased advertising done by Amazon for large events like Prime Day only helps encourage more consumers to come to the platform and shop on event days. Amazon spends lots of dollars advertising across platforms, from bus stop ads to YouTube ads to banners on their website, all to spread the word about their event. It helps everyone. 

But what else can you do to prepare for an event like the upcoming Prime Fall Deal Event?

“There is going to be an influx of traffic to regardless of if you invest in advertising, but the volume is not predictable or consistent. When planning for the Prime Fall Deal Event, take a look at your advertising budget alongside your goals to determine if you are going to go all-in or all-out for the event,” Matthew Visone explains. 

Advertising Strategies for Prime Fall Deal Event

Advice from Matthew Visone, Strategic Account Manager

  • Utilize Prime Badges to be featured during big events since Lightning Deals are expensive and competitive
  • Put products on sale; consumers are looking for deals during Prime events
  • Lower your ceiling prices, so you don’t overspend on ads
  • Evaluate your daily budget for specific advertising campaign daily budgets and your overall ad cap
  • Test audience, creatives and promoted products for your Sponsored Display campaigns
  • Optimize keyword strategies, audiences, promoted products, creatives, and bids for search campaigns
  • Maximize Store redirection to drive awareness for your products.

Liquidation and Storage Fee Strategies for the Prime Fall Deal Event

Advice from Marc Dunn, Head of CS Enablement 

  • Utilize higher traffic during the Prime Fall Deal event to give your products a higher ranking to help with sales during Cyber Five.
  • Kickstart liquidation of end-of-season items before the holidays by utilizing coupons and discounts to save on increased holiday storage fees; this could end up saving you thousands of dollars in Q4

Combine the Fall Deal Event with Your End-of-Year Campaigns

The Lightning Deal deadline is October 7th for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Week. If you plan to utilize deals for both the Prime Fall Deal Event and the upcoming Cyber Five, don’t forget to assess your budget for Q4, or you may risk overspending or using up your ad budget before the holidays.

We recommend establishing priority products, deals, sales targets, KPIs, and budget for the full holiday season to start building out your budgets and campaigns to best suit your needs from October through December. 

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Final Thoughts

If the Prime Fall Deal Event does happen in October, this is excellent timing for sellers on Amazon to kickstart holiday sales, utilize deals and coupons to liquidate inventory before increased storage fees, and combat supply chain impacts.

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