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Amazon Holiday Beauty Sale: Selling Beauty Products on Amazon

By Dawn Jenks October 7, 2021
Amazon Holiday Beauty Sale: Selling Beauty Products on Amazon

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We all want to look and feel our best, which is why the beauty industry is one of the fast-growing markets. From anti-aging face creams to hair thickening shampoos and all the nail polishes, mouthwashes, and perfumes in between, if there is a product that can enhance one’s appearance and self-confidence, they are more than willing to click that Buy Now button. This is why the global beauty industry market is valued at $511 billion in 2021, and the beauty and personal care market is forecasted to reach $716.6 billion by 2025.

Beauty & Personal Care is tied with Toys & Games as the #3 top-selling categories on Amazon, accounting for 13% of Amazon’s sales in the U.S.

Amazon Beauty Holiday Sale

To lure early holiday shoppers in the booming beauty category, Amazon is holding a beauty products event, October 4-25, called Holiday Beauty Haul, an invite-only event where Amazon has selected certain beauty brands to participate.

Read on to learn some tips and guidelines to be aware of while selling beauty products on Amazon during the Amazon holiday beauty sale, especially as Amazon has some restrictions for selling in this coveted category.

How To Get Approval To Sell Beauty Products During the Amazon Holiday Beauty Sale

Whether you’re an existing seller or brand getting ready to launch a new product, or you’re looking to enter this category in time for the Amazon beauty holiday sales frenzy, first, you must make sure your products are compliant with Amazon’s strict policies.

According to Amazon, if your products are “rubbed, poured, sprinkled, or sprayed onto the body for cleansing, beautifying, or changing the appearance of the body” and fall under the category of skin creams, perfumes, lipsticks, fingernail polishes, temporary tattoos, eye and facial makeup, shampoos, hair colors, toothpastes, and deodorants, they must meet Amazon’s guidelines for packaging, labeling, product details, ingredients, and more. 

As Amazon places a high priority on shopper trust and confidence, especially as beauty products are at an increased risk of safety complaints, you may need to submit documents showing that your products are safe for customers to sell in this category.

How to Optimize Holiday Beauty Sales on Amazon

Feedvisor offered tips and strategies in our webinar on How Beauty and Personal Care Brands Can Grow Online at the North American Health, Wellness, and Beauty E-Commerce Summit in May 2021. These same recommendations apply for the 2021 Amazon holiday beauty sale shopping season, as well as the additional holiday-specific tips shared below.

What are the Current Amazon Beauty Shopping Trends?

Buyers of beauty products are all about the benefits. Will this product make my skin smoother? Will it make my hair fuller? Will it make my teeth whiter? Consumers today are very savvy about ingredients too. They want to see a shorter list of ingredients, preferably with all-natural substances they recognize. Many also look for sustainability, such as products that are environmentally friendly and come in recyclable packaging.

Strategies to Boost Amazon Holiday Sales of Beauty Products & Gifts

Keeping these beauty buying trends in mind, Amazon sellers and brands need to highlight these features in their Amazon content, including their product detail pages, A+ Content, Amazon Stores, and Amazon Advertising.

Some tips to optimize your Amazon beauty content across your various Amazon channels include:

  • Utilize relevant, high-volume keywords while writing concise titles, bullets, and descriptions.
  • Highlight key features, like if products are vegan, FDA approved, made in the USA, etc.
  • Explain the purpose or use of the product (i.e., reduces the appearance of wrinkles, moisturizes skin, freshens breath, etc.).
  • Include the product’s ingredient list and any necessary warnings.
  • Describe in detail the benefits your product offers, without making any claims that go against Amazon’s guidelines, such as stating that the product cures, mitigates, treats, or prevent a disease, unless that statement is approved by the FDA and the product is properly labeled as both a cosmetic and a drug.

To help drive holiday sales during the Q4 shopping period, you can incorporate holiday promotions through sponsored brand videos or implement a holiday theme in your Amazon brand store. One idea is to create curated gift lists, where you can highlight “Gifts for Him,” “Gifts for Her,” and promote other gift suggestions based on your product line’s offerings.

For additional tips and strategies on boosting holiday sales, check out Feedvisor’s webinars and content on How to Prepare Your Amazon Business for 2021 Holiday Selling, 2021 Holiday Season: How to Manage Your Amazon Inventory, and How to Build Your Amazon Holiday Brand Store Strategy.

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Final Thoughts

Beauty brands and sellers on Amazon can expect to earn a pretty profit this holiday season, especially during the Amazon holiday beauty sale. Just make sure you’re planning ahead, ensuring your products are compliant with Amazon’s Beauty category restrictions, and implementing the right strategies that get beauty shoppers to buy.

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