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Most Frequently Asked Questions for Prime Day Lead Up 2022

Here are the most frequently asked questions with answers for Amazon Prime Day 2022 to help you successfully prepare for the lead-in. By Rachel Van Clepper June 16, 2022
Most Frequently Asked Questions for Prime Day Lead Up 2022

This year, Prime Day starts on July 12th at 3 am ET and runs through July 13th. As we get closer and closer to Prime Day 2022 there are a number of preparations for Amazon sellers to complete and tasks to handle before the big event. 

For those of you who are new to Amazon Prime Day this year or want to understand what’s new, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked Amazon Prime Day questions to set yourselves up for success. 


The Ultimate Amazon Prime Day FAQ 2022

Amazon Prime Day is a highly anticipated and trafficked event. Deals and discounts bring Prime members to Amazon to shop, but how do you use this boost in traffic on Amazon to your advantage?

General Amazon Prime Day Questions

1. What strategies are the most successful for brands during Amazon Prime Day?

There is a lot more to Prime Day than just the event itself. The lead-up and the lead-out are incredibly important to increase awareness, consideration, purchase, and upselling. 

Although there are best practices for advertising and selling on Amazon, there is no one best way to optimize your Prime Day performance. Most brands and sellers see the most success when they combine multiple strategies for Amazon Prime Day, including Amazon advertising. Sponsored ads and sponsored display are the two most popular Amazon advertising solutions.

You also should always consider what has worked well for you in the past. Take a look at your Amazon strategy and campaigns you conducted last year for Amazon Prime Day. Need a refresher? Read our Amazon Prime Day 2021 Analysis to see the Amazon sales and advertising trends and insights we saw last year to better create your strategy for 2022.

2. What are tips for smaller or medium-sized businesses selling on Amazon?

The best tip we can give is to spread out your Amazon advertising investments throughout all phases of Prime Day, including the lead-in and lead-out. Most businesses forget to prioritize the lead-out, but it’s one of the most important pieces of your Amazon Prime Day strategy, which we’ll discuss further in this post.

3. How should we prepare for the Prime Day lead-up?

There are four main focuses you should consider when preparing for Amazon Prime Day. We’ve come up with an acronym to help you prepare: BGPS. 

  • Budget: Be clear on your budget
  • Goals: Be clear on your goals
  • Phases: Use your budget during all phases of Prime Day
  • Strategy: Formalize your strategy to bring awareness and promote your brand, certain products, or specific deals

4. What do I do after Prime Day?

After Prime Day, or the “lead-out”, we highly recommend continuing advertising to remain top of mind or re-engage with shoppers who may still be searching for those deals, despite the tent pole event ending. 

Now is also a great time to check your metrics to analyze your success. Determining what Amazon solutions or campaigns worked the best will help you plan for future campaigns or holidays.

5. If you don’t sell on Amazon, should you participate in Prime Day?

Regardless of whether you sell on Amazon, there is still an opportunity to boost sales and brand awareness. 

In the past, Amazon Prime day was called “Christmas in July,” indicating that many decide to shop across marketplaces. There are even some brands and sellers that advertise using Amazon ads that don’t sell on Amazon.

Want more Prime Day Resources? Check out the Prime Day 2022 Planning Hub to access our most popular and impactful Prime Day resources.

82% of shoppers learned about new brands they would never have known about if it weren’t for early advertisements

Amazon Advertising Prime Day Questions

1. When should we start advertising for Prime Day when we don’t know the date?

Start advertising your Amazon Prime Day deals as soon as you know what you want to promote. 

A recent survey showed that 75% of shoppers were likely or highly likely to purchase a product during the Amazon Prime Day lead-up, and 82% of shoppers learned about new brands they would never have known about if it weren’t for early advertisements. 

Plus, this gives your brand a chance to influence purchasing decisions since 14% of shoppers surveyed have no idea what they plan to buy for Amazon Prime Day. 

2. What are upper-funnel advertising strategies that I should use for Prime Day 2022?

Streaming services have gained momentum among consumers and are a great opportunity to expand your reach. 

We recommend streaming video ads on the Fire TV device as a way to create awareness about your upcoming promotions on Amazon. Targeting is pretty advanced, allowing you to target viewers who have recently shown interest in your product or similar product within the category.

3. The deadline for Amazon Lightning Deals has already passed; what are other ways I can boost visibility? 

If you missed the Lightning Deals, the 7 Day Deal is a great replacement because the 7 Day Deal will bring the most visibility leading up to Amazon Prime Day. 

A 7 Day Deal will encourage shoppers to keep coming back, whereas the Top Deal might be perceived as a one-time deal.

Learn more about Prime Day deals and deadlines.

4. What types of deals or coupons would bring you the most visibility on Prime Day?

Shoppers are looking for deals. If they don’t see a price discount, coupon, or deal, they most likely won’t click on an event like Amazon Prime Day. 

Amazon Prime Day Ad Example

The best performing deals or coupons for Prime Day are any deals that will give you a Prime Day Badge on Amazon. That is how you stand out on Prime Day amongst all the other deals. 

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Final Thoughts

Amazon Prime Day is an excellent opportunity to increase sales and gain new customers, but only if you’re prepared. 

Learn more about preparing for Prime Day 2022 by watching our virtual event, the 4 Pillars of Amazon Prime Day Optimization.

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