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How to Defend and Protect Against Amazon Black Hat Tactics

Do you have a defense plan to safeguard your Amazon store from black hat tactics? Discover how to protect your business and proactively prevent account suspension. By IT September 17, 2019
How to Defend and Protect Against Amazon Black Hat Tactics

In recent years, Amazon has been plagued by an emerging group of “black hat” consultants — counterfeiters, corrupt sellers, and listing hijackers — who shortcut the system and utilize illegitimate tactics such as fake review generation, listing manipulation, and faulty intellectual property (IP) infringement claims.

These black hat sellers operate in two ways — either directly targeting innocent sellers on their own or selling their services to sellers who want to cheat or buy their way to the top. BuzzFeed reported that some sellers are paying up to $10,000 a month to rank highly in Amazon’s search results. 

If your business is sabotaged by an unethical seller, not only can your account be temporarily suspended, but it can even be closed permanently, destroying any incoming profits, inventory that is in route to Amazon fulfillment centers, and your seller reputation both on and off Amazon. Given that the topic has been widely discussed as of late, we decided to put together an entire guide dedicated to helping you defend your Amazon business against unscrupulous black hat sellers.

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What’s Inside the Guide?

  • Bespoke strategies to recognize and handle product listing hackers
  • How to navigate review manipulation, including fake and unverified reviews
  • Tips to identify false infringement claims to protect your copyrights and trademarks
  • Eight ways to proactively prevent account suspension on Amazon

If you are running a healthy, profitable Amazon store, it is imperative that you have a defense strategy in place in the event that you are targeted by a black hat seller. You need to have the tools and expertise at hand to maintain a strong brand reputation, as that, in turn, impacts the customer experience, engagement levels, conversion, and other performance metrics. 

If you do not practice proactive black hat prevention and management, your brand presence and profit dollars can be significantly compromised. With the best practices and never-before-seen educational takeaways included in this guide, you will be able to remain compliant with Amazon’s policies, avoid suspension wholly or find a rapid resolution if you are temporarily suspended, and implement precautions to keep hackers away from your ASINs moving forward.

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