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Feedvisor Inspire 2018 Roundup: 5 of Our Favorite Takeaways

The Dream Downtown hotel in New York City was bustling with Feedvisor customers, product specialists, account managers, and senior leadership team members on May 8 for our first-ever user conference and expert seller event. Read on for a full recount of the day. By IT May 11, 2018
Feedvisor Inspire 2018 Roundup: 5 of Our Favorite Takeaways
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The Dream Downtown hotel in New York City was bustling with Feedvisor customers, product specialists, account managers, and senior leadership team members on May 8 for our first-ever user conference and expert seller event.

The event was a huge success and we want to give massive thanks to our customers, partners, advisors, and speakers who filled the room with energy, conversation, and valuable insights into successfully selling on Amazon. We can’t wait to have you back again next year!

We have rounded up our top five highlights from the day for you to look back on:

1. Customer Conversation

There’s nothing that we value more than engaging with our customers in person. With all of the innovation and product development that our team has been spearheading over the last year, it’s always rewarding talking with our customers about how our solution better enables them to make more impactful business decisions to increase profitability.

With team members from Feedvisor’s New York and Tel Aviv offices in the room at Inspire, being immersed in the seller community and sharing industry news and product knowledge with our clients face-to-face is an extremely valuable experience for us as we renew our commitment to help you maximize your business’s growth.

2. One-on-One Meetings in the Customer Success Lab

An integral part of our one day workshop was the Customer Success Lab, a station that we set up to ensure that our clients got the most out of the day as possible. We hosted a series of 20 minute workshops throughout the day so that customers could meet with our subject matter experts in order to gain additional insights on how to take their Amazon operation to the next level.

For these one-on-one meetings, workshop topics included advertising strategies, pinpointing gaps in sellers’ growth plans, leveraging machine-learning and AI to drive profitability, a Q & A session with Feedvisor product experts, and a roundtable with the Feedvisor product development team to share ideas about our dashboards.  

3. Exciting Product Announcements

With the next generation of Feedvisor’s solution on the horizon, quite possibly two of the most notable presentations of the day came from Feedvisor CEO, Victor Rosenman, and VP of Product and Business Development, Gil Mizrahi. In Victor’s presentation, he spoke about strategies for marketplace success, maximizing profits given demand and inventory constraints, and the need for sellers to turn decisions into actions that will benefit their bottom line.

In Gil’s session, he broke down the exciting aspects of Feedvisor’s new product roadmap for 2018 and our vision for the future. With more than 100,000 hours of data analysis from 28 data scientists and developers, the product extensions will help sellers unlock additional value for their storefront via streamlined data and by-the-minute insights.

4. The Amazon Expert Sellers Panel

In one of the most engaging parts of the day, we held an Amazon expert sellers panel with four highly skilled business people, all of whom have consulting and entrepreneurial experience with Amazon. Peter Kearns (VP of Client Solutions at 180Commerce), Joey Tabush (Founder of Lucky21 Partners), Ruben Pinchanski (eCommerce builder and digital advisor), and Brian Liebman (CRO at Amify) all shared valuable advice and insider recommendations to optimize various facets of Amazon businesses.

They jumped into multimillion-dollar seller strategies, innovative research and scouting tactics, tools they use to improve shipping costs, negotiation tactics for product costs, margin improvement methods, advertising strategies, and conversion rate optimization.

5. Nonstop Networking

Whether it was during networking coffee breaks, lunch, or the cocktail reception in the rooftop lounge, Inspire was the ideal setting for engaging and connecting with other established sellers and e-commerce professionals.

If you were introduced to new contacts, shared ideas and collaborated with other sellers, capitalized on one-on-one workshops with Feedvisor associates, or all of the above, we are thrilled. We hope the captivating environment was conducive to discussions around both minor updates to optimize your day-to-day business or deep-diving into the nitty-gritty details of e-commerce.

From the opening session to the cocktail reception, we hope that you experienced a full day of industry knowledge and education, new connections for your network, fresh strategies to weave into your business model, and ways to hit your goals and maximize your potential in 2018 and beyond.

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