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By Marissa Incitti August 10, 2023

In recent years, the idea of “holiday shopping” has gone beyond its usual boundaries due to the rise of online marketplaces. The impact of the digital revolution has accelerated this change even further.  

Once confined to a seasonal domain, the holiday rush is now making its presence felt in the summer months as well. With 12% of consumers using Prime Day to get started on their holiday shopping journey, a definitive shift has taken place. 

This evolving trend highlights that the modern shoppers are embracing a more prolonged and deliberate approach to shopping, prompting brands and retailers to strategically recalibrate their methodologies.

As the landscape of holiday shopping evolves, so must your strategies. Begin your journey towards successful holiday shopping today by delving into our comprehensive report. Inside, you’ll discover battle-tested Amazon strategies that will empower you to navigate this dynamic retail environment with confidence.

Download our report now and revolutionize your approach to holiday shopping.


What You’ll Learn: 

  • How e-commerce has changed and what you need to do to stay ahead
  • An analysis of past holiday performance and what that means for this year’s holiday season
  • Strategies to adopt now for a successful Q4


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