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How to Write an Amazon Product Listing That Will Entice Conversion

Discover the key elements of an Amazon product detail page and how to populate your listings to entice engagement and conversion. By IT May 22, 2023
How to Write an Amazon Product Listing That Will Entice Conversion

Originally published in June 2019, and has been updated to reflect recent Amazon product listing changes.

Being able to write compelling and engaging product detail page content can be your competitive advantage on Amazon. Your listings are where shoppers first set eyes on your products and therefore represent the prime place for you to inform their purchase decisions. In this post, we have compiled a few recommendations to help you create Amazon listings that will resonate with consumers and drive visibility and conversion.

Before you begin writing your product listing copy, think about your target audience. Who is the most suitable customer for your product? What will make them want to buy it? How will they use it? The more information you can get on your ideal customer profile in advance, the stronger your listing can be. By doing market research, reading existing product reviews, Googling the product, and seeing what people are saying about that type of product across social media, blogs, and other platforms will help you decipher what they like the best about the product.

Next, as with everything on Amazon, familiarize yourself with Amazon’s best practices. The purpose of the product description is to “assist the customer in understanding the product,” so you should do just that. High-quality listings should make it easier for shoppers to find, evaluate, and purchase your products. Your descriptions should not include the items’ condition, availability, or any reviews, quotes, or promotional language. Violations of Amazon’s listing policies can result in the cancellation of listings and limits on, suspension, or removal of listing privileges.

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Key Elements of a Product Detail Page

How to Write an Amazon Product Listing That Will Entice Conversion

1. Product Title and Brand

The brand name, in this case, Ice Breakers, follows the product title and links to a list of the brand’s additional products or Amazon Store if they have one. If customers filter by brand and your listing is missing the brand designation, the customers may never locate your listing.

The product title should clearly identify what is being sold and it should strike a balance between being brief and keyword-rich. The words included in the title will determine where the product shows up in search results, so make sure that your title is both concise and relevant to your target audience. Amazon has put together thorough Category Style Guides for you to follow, given that each product category requires a unique title structure. One example is below:

Apparel Title Format:

[Brand] + [Department] + [Product Name] + [Size & Color] (for products with variations)

Apparel Example:

Adidas Women’s Supernova Tee Medium Pink

2. Product Images

Your product images are shown when the customer clicks through to the detail page. You can showcase seven to nine images related to the product at hand and should meet Amazon’s Image Requirements. If possible, show the product from multiple angles and in use to help the customer understand what it would actually be like to buy and use the product.

3. Product Bullet Points

Here, you can include up to five bullet points to highlight the core features of the product. The bullet points show up in an “About the product” section and provide a quick snapshot overview of the product, so you should save that space for the most important information that you want to convey. Here are a couple of examples of informative product bullets for Ice Breakers gum:

  • Cooling flavor crystals release an icy blast of invigorating, long-lasting flavor with every chew
  • Includes 4 x 40-piece containers of sugar-free Ice Breakers Ice Cubes chewing gum in peppermint flavor (a total of 160 pieces of cube-shaped gum)

4. Product Description

The product description is where you can provide more detailed product information and more engaging marketing language to help answer any potential questions that the customer might have, while simultaneously demonstrating any value-added benefits or features of the product. Be sure to cover the information that customers would use when comparing similar products.

Thorough product descriptions allow the customer to imagine the experience of handling or owning the product themselves. What would you want to feel, touch, ask, or see if you were in their position? Keep in mind that the descriptions should be limited to 2,000 characters to avoid losing the customer’s attention.

For example, the product description for a SKU of Ice Breakers gum says, “Freshen your breath anytime, anywhere, with ICE BREAKERS ICE CUBES peppermint gum. This long-lasting minty chewing gum is packed with cooling crystals that will wake up your taste buds with a blast of invigorating flavor. ICE CUBES sugarless gum is accepted by the American Dental Association and may help prevent cavities when chewed for 20 minutes after eating. Packed with 40 pieces of ICE CUBES chewing gum, each handy container has a snap-close lid to help lock in freshness and is perfect for storing in your car cup holder, a purse or backpack, or in your office desk.”

5. Product Details

This section is reserved for product specs such as dimensions, barcodes, shipping weight, ASIN, UPC, average customer review, and Amazon Best Seller Rank.

Product Listing Attributes

Starting June 6, 2023, new product listings for certain product types must include color name, size name, or product description attributes.

The required attributes are in bold and the product types come after the colon:

  • Color name: backpack, underpants, bra, apron, keychain, costume outfit
  • Size name: leotard, scarf, sunglasses
  • Product description: light fixture, art supplies, hardware handle, kitchen, artificial plant, wireless accessory, home furniture and decor, office products (Product description was previously optional, but Amazon is now making it necessary for the above-mentioned product types to create a new listing or add an offer to an existing item. There is no new field or attribute added.)

All new listings for the affected product types will require valid attribute information or the product will not be added to the catalog. This attribute information isn’t required for active listings.

What Weight Does a Strong Product Listing Carry?

Product detail pages can be immensely effective in helping your products and brand stand out amongst the competition. You can use your product detail pages to:

  • Generate brand awareness and interest
  • Build and maintain a strong brand image
  • Bring consumer attention to exciting product features
  • Demonstrate your product features clearly through high-quality imagery
  • Increase the discoverability of your products for customers searching and browsing

Your descriptions should be informative, succinct, and help your product rank well, so don’t forget about including keywords throughout that will align with the search terms your target audience will input. By creating user-friendly, easy-to-understand product listings, consumers will be more inclined to purchase your products after landing on your product detail pages.


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