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LIVE Webinar: Holiday Inventory Tactics to Boost Your Bottom Line

By Chen Melamed December 11, 2017
Chen Melamed
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Maximize Holiday Returns, Replenishment and Scouting for 2018

It’s been a record-breaking holiday season for online retail so far. Have you been hitting your sales goals and managing to stay on top of your inventory? Want to gain more traction before the season ends? Then this is pretty much your last chance to get your inventory into gear.

Before you act, stop and ask yourself: how focused are you on optimizing your inventory ROI?

Are you using data to overcome any inventory bottlenecks?

Are you aware which metrics are currently impacting your bottom line?

Are you leveraging holiday returns?

Are you confident about your replenishment and scouting strategy for 2018?

If you can’t answer yes to all these questions, then join us LIVE on Thursday, December 14 and learn Holiday Inventory Tactics to Boost Your Bottom Line.

In this Ask the Amazon Experts webinar, inventory pro Aaron Ellis will help you get serious about your holiday inventory and prep for 2018.

Aaron will uncover hands-on tactics on how to:

  • Maximize the potential of your holiday returns
  • Extract the real value from your best-selling items
  • Identify and distinguish between a hot item vs. a seasonal uptick
  • Be strategic and productive in your scouting for the New Year

Expect to receive tried and tested advice to help you make smarter decisions about your inventory for now and 2018.

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