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The 2018 Buy Box Bible

Feedvisor's 2018 Buy Box Bible is officially released. This cornerstone piece of educational content informs sellers about all things Buy Box-related. By IT March 20, 2018
The 2018 Buy Box Bible Is Here

$142 billion.

This massive number represents the cost of nearly 375 Boeing 747 jets and over 31,000 of Lamborghini’s most expensive vehicle model.

It also happens to illustrate the estimated amount of Amazon’s full-year 2017 sales that went through the Amazon Buy Box.

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With a number so colossal, it’s evident that winning the Buy Box is imperative for high-volume, competitive online sellers – a notch on their tool belts that should be acted and capitalized on repeatedly. This piece of online real estate is constantly in high demand, as it opens the doors to increased profits, brand exposure, and visibility across the Amazon marketplace.

Feedvisor’s 2018 Buy Box Bible has officially touched down and is available for download. This edition contains everything that you need to know in order to transform your Amazon operation and is a must-read for effective Buy Box maneuvering.

The eBook elaborates on best practices to help you prioritize which high-impact Buy Box variables you should invest your resources in, strategies to take your Buy Box share to the next level if you are already winning, and direct observations from our in-house team of data scientists who analyzed price changes, Buy Box wins and losses, Amazon’s complex algorithm, and thousands of other data points across the Amazon marketplace.

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What’s new in the 2018 edition of the Buy Box Bible?

  • A rundown of the seller performance variables that really matter to Amazon, including a new addition for 2018
  • An overview of Seller-Fulfilled Prime, details surrounding its significant rise over the past year, and why sellers are eager to convert to this fulfillment method
  • Fresh statistics about the fierce competition and intense price wars on Amazon

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