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How Brands Can Drive Loyalty with Amazon’s New Customer Engagement Tool

Learn about Amazon’s latest tool and how it enhances the consumer shopping experience while driving brand growth. By Catherine Ibarra May 5, 2021

Amazon has introduced a new tool that offers its selling partners greater communication with consumers on its marketplace. The tool, called Manage Your Customer Engagement, is a follow button that shoppers can opt for, and is featured in areas such as a brand’s storefront and Amazon Live videos.

Brands can send emails to consumers who chose to “follow” them, which can include details on new product launches or exclusive promotions. The tool enables brands to create deeper relationships with their customers and foster loyalty. Meanwhile, buyers will likely be more inclined to make repeat purchases since they are offered an elevated shopping experience.

Prior to the tool’s launch, brands had limited interactions with their customers on Amazon. The retailer may have developed the feature to draw in more selling partners to its marketplace, including major brands, so they can remain the dominant player in the e-commerce space.

The pilot tool is free and available to U.S. Amazon sellers who have signed up for the Brand Registry program.

Campaign Framework

Amazon sellers who use the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool are able to view key performance metrics for their email campaigns, including open rates and total clicks. This is the first time Amazon has provided email marketing capabilities to its selling partners. 

The feature currently supports product announcements and special offers, with  additional templates expected to be added in the future. Brands should include their logo, a product that has launched within the past six months or a promotion, a supporting product image that adheres to Amazon’s image requirements if applicable, and select the time range they would like their campaign to be delivered (a five-day period between Monday to Friday). 

Amazon’s moderation team reviews all campaigns and  determines if a brand’s campaign meets their guidelines. The review process for image assets takes a minimum of 72 hours. Brands should take into account the review time when scheduling their campaigns, as they will be required to create a new campaign if their existing campaign is not approved. Overall, it is important to be familiar with the retailer’s content requirements to avoid unforeseen delays.

Keep in mind that, although brands can send email campaigns to shoppers, Amazon does not disclose its customers contact information. The retailer provides its selling partners aggregate data that demonstrates how many emails will be sent and campaign performance.

Amazon Prioritizes the Customer Experience

Amazon has a strict policy of not sharing its customers contact information with brands who sell on its marketplace. Before the tool was introduced, the retailer prohibited its sellers from soliciting customers directly, unless it entails the status of their order. In that case, brands can use Amazon’s internal messaging system to communicate with customers and resolve any issues. 

The retailer will continue to keep its shoppers’ information, such as email addresses, private to protect them from receiving an influx of messages from brands. Amazon’s move to allow its selling partners to interact directly with consumers demonstrates a level of flexibility by the company, while also upholding restrictions and prioritizing the customer experience. 

Amazon continues to have control over the content that brands can send shoppers by enforcing a review process for their campaigns and ensuring they adhere to its policy. Since the retailer does not disclose its customers’ contact information, its selling partners would not be able to contact shoppers outside of Amazon’s landscape.

Good News for Shoppers and Brands 

The new tool is a win-win for both shoppers and brands on Amazon. Shoppers are able to “follow” their favorite brands on Amazon and are informed of product launches and deals. Brands, on the other hand, are able to interact directly with shoppers more freely, develop stronger relationships, and nurture customer loyalty.

Although Amazon may not share shoppers’ contact information, brands can still reap the benefits of having an additional line of communication with consumers. The campaigns provide an enhanced shopping experience for buyers, which can improve their opinion of the brand, and in turn increase sales. 

To improve the customer experience across multiple touch points on Amazon, brands should provide A+ content on their product listings, showcase their brand story on their storefront, demonstrate how to use their products on Amazon Live, and leverage Amazon Posts to provide an engaging social commerce element. Using the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool, in conjunction with leveraging best practices on Amazon, will enable brands to better serve their customers and their business.

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About the Author

Catherine Ibarra is a marketing consultant at Feedvisor, where she contributes to the company's content marketing initiatives. She has a technology background.

Final Thoughts

Amazon’s latest tool will help brands establish greater connections with consumers. Brands can now communicate with shoppers on Amazon more freely, announce product launches, and provide exclusive promotions. This elevated shopping experience will help foster shopper loyalty and drive growth for brands. We strongly recommend taking advantage of this new tool and using it alongside other features on Amazon to maximize your success on the platform.

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