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Amazon Expert Tips to Optimize Your A+ Content

Learn everything you need to know about A+ Content and tips that will help enhance your product listings. By Catherine Ibarra November 2, 2020

Amazon’s A+ Content is a free service that enables sellers to enhance their product detail pages. Shoppers utilize product detail pages to gather information about items before making a purchase. Sellers can create rich text and include multimedia content — such as images, videos, comparison charts, and more — to accurately describe item details, showcase features, and help shoppers make informed purchase decisions.

Sellers are not only able to assist shoppers in their product search but can also convey their brand identity in their product detail pages. Sellers are able to highlight their brand story and value proposition to differentiate themselves from their competitors on Amazon’s marketplace. Establishing a unique and trustworthy brand name can encourage repeat purchases and create brand loyalty.

Enhancing product detail pages is proven to boost conversions. A+ Content increases the sales of an item by 3%–10% on average, according to Amazon. If sellers do not utilize the free service, they are missing out on an opportunity to increase their margins and gain net new customers. Developing rich content is essential in converting on-the-fence shoppers and maximizing sales.

Have you recently started using A+ Content or would you like to learn how to improve your content? Follow the expert tips provided below to enhance your product listings.

Provide Clear and Concise Content

Your product titles, bullets, and descriptions must be succinct. Product titles should include brand name, product name, and differentiating attributes — the recommended length is 80 characters. Bullets should call out valuable product details that shoppers have shown an interest in and have a length of 150 characters each — five bullets total. Descriptions must be used to expand on product details and capabilities while being concise — the recommended length is less than 2,000 characters. Clear and concise content will improve the buyer experience on your product listing.

Leverage Product Reviews and FAQ

Read your product reviews and FAQ thoroughly, as well as your competitors’ reviews and FAQ on similar items, to gain insight on product details to highlight or provide clarity on. By reviewing customer feedback, you gain a greater understanding for the features a customer values in a specific product. Leverage insights from product reviews and FAQ in your bullets to assist shoppers in their purchase decisions.

Convey Brand Identity

It is essential to demonstrate your brand identity in your product detail pages to differentiate your brand from the competition. Communicating your brand story and value proposition will help you create a distinctive brand image and enables you to build credibility with consumers. Exhibit a positive and trustworthy brand name to appeal to a greater audience, encourage customers to repurchase from your business, and establish brand loyalty.

Utilize SEO Keywords

Incorporate search-dominant keywords in your content to improve organic rankings. By developing a search engine optimization strategy, you can improve product discoverability for all of your listings. However, this initiative will require ongoing modifications to keep up with top-performing search terms. Develop an SEO strategy and include widely-used search terms to improve your product rankings.

Include High Quality Images and Lifestyle Videos

Product images and videos are important marketing tools to showcase your products. We recommend including high-quality images, at least 1,000 DPI, to prevent them from becoming blurry if shoppers use Amazon’s zoom-in functionality. Make sure to include a minimum of four images per product and that they all have a plain white background. Add lifestyle videos to help consumers envision what it would be like to own your products. Include high-quality images and lifestyle videos to assist in converting on-the-fence shoppers.

Cross-Sell Products

You have the ability to cross-sell your products within your content. A+ Content offers modules that allow you to add different items, such as comparison charts, to your product detail pages. Comparison charts can be highly beneficial if you have a large product line. You can highlight key features for each product to assist shoppers in selecting an item that best fits their needs, while encouraging them to purchase within your brand. Cross-selling your products can help increase margins for different ASINs in your catalog.

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About the Author

Catherine Ibarra is a marketing consultant at Feedvisor, where she contributes to the company's content marketing initiatives. She has a technology background.

Final Thoughts

A+ Content is one of the many free tools at your disposal that can greatly enhance your product detail pages. Optimized product listings offer consumers an elevated shopping experience and help with their purchase decisions. Shoppers are able to make better informed decisions and are more likely to purchase from brands that have rich content over competitors who lack the same standards.

Sellers can also establish their brand identity through their content. Demonstrating their brand story, value proposition, and credibility can help convert leads and nurture existing customers. In addition to sellers conveying their brand name, there are multiple steps involved in optimizing product listings. Apply the tips provided to meet consumer needs, establish brand loyalty, and drive sales.

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