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Amazon Search Term Optimization: Leveraging Keywords to Boost Organic Rankings

This cheat sheet is brimming with Amazon-compliant best practices to help you enhance your overall SEO strategy and organic search placements. By Catie Grasso October 1, 2019
Amazon Search Term Optimization: Leveraging Keywords to Boost Organic Rankings
Catie Grasso
About the Author

Catie Grasso is a content manager at Feedvisor where she oversees and executes on the company's content strategy. She enjoys running, trying new restaurants, and traveling.

Mining the right keywords for your product detail pages on Amazon is no easy feat. By “right,” we are referring to the ones that help consumers understand exactly what you are selling, are relevant to the product, reduce any confusion about uses or features, and demonstrate the product’s value. The last thing you want to do when it comes to keywords is stuff your listings or backend keyword sets or repeat phrases several times to attempt to rank higher. 

In fact, taking this approach can not only damage your rankings, but also turn potential customers away from your listings because the copy and keywords were not clear, concise, and easy to follow. You can mitigate these “bounces” by including only relevant keywords, adhering to Amazon’s search term length limit, and make optimizations on an ongoing basis. Just because you optimized your on-page copy and imagery once last quarter does not mean you can set it and forget it throughout the holiday season, for example.

In this compact cheat sheet, you will be able to understand the deep connection between your keywords and conversions. The more relevant your keywords are, the more relevant your traffic will be and, in turn, the higher their propensity to engage and convert. 

What Will You Discover in the Cheat Sheet?

  • Broad-based and category-specific search term trends to know
  • The importance of category research and mining useful long-term keywords
  • Best practices for keyword research and ongoing optimization

By implementing a thorough SEO strategy, you will be able to leverage impactful keywords to help rank your listings higher organically. By embedding these techniques into your Amazon workflows, you are simultaneously mitigating irrelevant clicks and traffic and taking the logical steps to help you navigate seasonal selling, demand fluctuations, and consumer trends.

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