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Counterfeits on Amazon: How to Protect Your Brand

In this guide, discover actionable strategies you can implement to protect and maintain your brand and its equity on Amazon. By Catie Grasso April 16, 2019
Counterfeits on Amazon: How to Protect Your Brand

Over the course of the last year, there has been frequent dialogue about the concern of counterfeit products on Amazon, and how the company — founded on the principle of putting the customer first — would react to the threat of illegitimate products on its marketplace, paving the way for a poor customer experience.

According to Feedvisor data, 46% of brands selling on Amazon claim that not enough is being done to prevent the sale of counterfeit products on the expansive platform. In this compact guide, Counterfeits on Amazon: How to Protect Your Brand, uncover a detailed overview of specific tactics your brand can implement to mitigate the risk of brand erosion from counterfeit goods.

Catie Grasso
About the Author

Catie Grasso is a content manager at Feedvisor where she oversees and executes on the company's content strategy. She enjoys running, trying new restaurants, and traveling.

What’s Inside the Guide?

  • The must-know details about Project Zero, Amazon’s latest initiative designed to suppress the sale of counterfeits
  • Key highlights from Amazon’s anti-counterfeiting and intellectual property policies
  • Requirements and eligibility information for Amazon’s various brand services
  • Strategic actions you can take to further solidify your brand presence and establish consistency in the market

If you are a brand or intellectual property owner on Amazon and want to avoid infringement upon your intellectual property or brand value, the tactics outlined in this guide will be immensely beneficial for maintaining a consistent, credible brand image.

Counterfeiting is not confined solely to luxury products, but rather exists across a diverse range of products such as electronics, sports-related merchandise, furniture, apparel, and more. We have outlined several measures you can take to proactively protect your brand against counterfeits and maintain control of your brand’s identity and equity.

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