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The Amazon Webstore is a more advanced option for Professional Sellers. In essence, the Webstore is an actual e-commerce site that is maintained and run by Amazon with the seller’s products.

The Benefits of Using the Webstore Over Your Own Website

Building, hosting and maintaining a website is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. For most small-scale business owners, handing over all the technical aspects of running the e-commerce store to a professional ensures that everything will be handled properly, efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner. Additional benefits of using Amazon’s Webstore feature are as follows:

  • Higher profits. Amazon charges a flat commission for Webstore transactions, instead of the individual charges that a seller normally pays. This results in higher profits for the seller because he is paying less for the services provided. In addition, certain prices and shipping charges are completely subject to the seller’s discretion.
  • Higher traffic. Amazon employs an internal search engine and marketing services to help increase traffic to the seller’s Webstore.
  • More streamlined functionality for Amazon buyers. Buyers are able to use their regular Amazon account and stored credit card information to make purchases at a specific Webstore.
  • Amazon is a trusted name. Amazon is a known, reliable name and network, so a buyer automatically feels more comfortable making a purchase at an Amazon-run storefront than a random e-commerce site that is unaffiliated. Amazon has high-security certification, as well as the familiar A-to-Z Guarantee that Amazon buyers already know and appreciate.
  • More reputable checkout services. Since Amazon is the name behind the storefront, the checkout services are faster, easier to use, and more recognized than a random checkout service that the seller would employ.
  • Uninterrupted service. Due to the fact that Amazon is maintaining the site personally, the seller can be confident that the site will be up and functional at all times.
  • Wide gamut of tools and features designed exclusively for Webstore owners. Templates, widgets, SEO-rich content and services, promotional services, inventory and site management features, customer service tools, and other important merchant tools allow for an easier overall experience for both the seller and the buyer.

The Benefit of Using an Amazon Webstore as Opposed to the Amazon Marketplace

An Amazon Webstore gives the seller a unique website that is completely individual and separate from the Amazon marketplace. This site can be customized and geared to fit the seller’s preferences, niche audience, and product base. In addition, the seller maintains individuality with his own website, rather than simply being another seller on Amazon.

Note: Many sellers choose to maintain both an Amazon seller account as well as their own Amazon Webstore. This is because the amount of traffic that arrives to the Amazon marketplace daily is tremendous and unlikely to be duplicated on a private, niche site. Amazon Webstore services allow for easy integration of both systems so that products can be sold on the individual website as well as the Amazon website at the same time. 

The Difference Between the Amazon Webstore and Webstore by Amazon

Webstore by Amazon was the original beta product of Amazon Webstore. Unlike the updated version, Webstore by Amazon was missing much of the usability and properties that make Amazon Webstore so impressive. As such, Webstore by Amazon is no longer available for new sellers.

How to Sign Up for an Amazon Webstore Account

  1. Go to and click on the links provided to get things started.
  2. Fill in all the necessary fields. These will include the seller’s business name, a current address within the United States, phone number and email address for contacting. The seller will also need to provide the tax ID number associated with the relevant business and information for an active US credit card.
  3. If the seller already has a Seller Account with Amazon, he can use the login information to make the setup somewhat faster.
  4. There are several steps involved in creating the account, though a seller can skip certain steps to be filled in later. The Amazon Webstore account will not be activated until all steps are completely filled out.
  5. The seller should also verify their account. This can be done by inputting a phone number that can be immediately contacted. The seller will then receive a call or text message (chosen by the seller) to verify his new account.
  6. After the initial registration process in completed, the seller can create the actual website. There is a step by step tutorial on the site for how to do this using the built-in templates.
  7. Once the website has been designed and created, the seller can start adding products and inputting important information about the account.

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