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A-to-Z Guarantee

A-to-Z Guarantee Claims

Amazon’s policy of ensuring reimbursement under certain circumstances is known as the A-to-Z Guarantee.

The A-to-Z Guarantee Policy

The following three situations are covered under the guarantee:

  • If the buyer purchases an item but then does not receive the order, Amazon reimburses the buyer.
  • If the buyer purchases an item and receives the order, but what is received is significantly different from the item described, Amazon reimburses the buyer.
  • If the buyer attempts to return a purchased item and the seller is not cooperating or communicating with the buyer, Amazon reimburses the buyer.

Defining a “Significant Difference”

Missing, broken, or unusable parts are covered by this guarantee, as is an incorrect version listing (for example: special edition vs. regular edition, version 2.1 vs. version 2.0, etc.).

Most commonly, a “significant difference” between a given product listing and the product received by the buyer is an inaccurate description of the product. If a seller manipulates or falsifies a product’s description to the extent that the worth of condition of the item is misrepresented, then Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee would apply, since buyers must be able to rely on the descriptions that inform their decisions to buy. Item descriptions detail the given product’s features, condition, and so on. Sellers are therefore encouraged to provide honest and precise information for all products listed.

Unhappy Buyers

Products that are listed and described accurately, are received by the buyer in a timely way, and arrive undamaged and complete, are not covered by the A-to-Z Guarantee. If buyers regret their purchases and suffer from the traditional “buyer’s remorse,” sellers are left to their own discretion regarding product returns and refunds.

Making an A-to-Z Claim

Since the A-to-Z Guarantee is honored by Amazon, buyers are encouraged to approach the particular seller directly to resolve the matter before making an A-to-Z claim. If communication has been attempted, but is unsuccessful, or if the seller’s attempt to resolve the issue is unsuccessful, then the buyer submits the issue to Amazon.

Note: Buyers may only submit their claims to Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee program 30 calendar days after the order date, and, generally speaking, claims should not be made after 90 days after the order date. Exceptions include when the seller can issue an immediate refund for an unreceived or unsatisfactory order, and prevent the claim altogether, as per the instructions on the Managing Refunds page.

Notifying the Seller

As soon as a buyer enters a warranty claim against a particular seller, Amazon notifies that seller. Sellers may obtain the information regarding registered claims by using the A-to-Z Guarantee link within their individual accounts.

Note: Sellers are encouraged to browse this area frequently to be sure that no claims go unattended.


Amazon fulfills the reimbursement made for the guaranteed item when the seller is not responsible for the issue. Sellers are responsible under the following conditions:

  • If the seller does not answer a submitted claim or email from Amazon regarding an insurance claim.
  • If an ordered product was shipped late or not at all.
  • If a refund was assured, but never received.
  • If the item was listed in accurately.
  • If the seller does not meet the terms and conditions or other agreement statements on Amazon’s site.

When the Seller Does Not Take Responsibility

When buyers file guarantee claims with Amazon, the sellers must prove that they are not at fault. Sellers therefore should respond as quickly and as thoroughly as possible to any notification of a guarantee claim to establish the seller’s position, including shipping and tracking details and any correspondence with the buyer who files the claim.

When the Seller Is Responsible

If Amazon determines that the seller is indeed at fault for the failure to complete the buyer’s order, then Amazon charges the seller’s account for the full amount of refund for the item, and deducts it from the total deposit to the seller before transfer.

Note: When the seller is responsible, Amazon does not guarantee that the merchandise is returned to the seller.

Claim Status

Amazon gives every A-to-Z Guarantee claim a status of “granted,” “pending,” or “denied.” If Amazon decides to reimburse the buyer before a final decision is reached, then a claim with the status of “granted” may also be under investigation, as will be indicated in the claim’s Notes section.

Sellers are strongly advised to respond immediately to buyers’ communications in the hopes of preventing any and all claims against them. Delays in response time increase the likelihood of blame falling on the sellers.

Note: All claims remain in the seller’s file regardless of the final ruling, and are counted as part of the seller’s performance rating on the seller’s performance report.

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