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The Amazon 3P Playbook: For Private Label, 1P, and New-to-Amazon Brands

In this playbook, brands can discover how to effectively migrate from a wholesale relationship with Amazon to sell direct-to-consumer via Seller Central and the many advantages of doing so. By Catie Grasso March 27, 2019
The Amazon 3P Playbook: For Private Label, 1P, and New-to-Amazon Brands

Brands operating on Amazon today can pull various levers to ensure their brand reputation, value, and shopper perception all remain intact. They can discover how to remain agile while navigating dynamic market forces such as pricing, inventory, demand, and the competition — all while avoiding brand erosion from a variety of sources, such as unauthorized sellers.  

If you are a brand with an e-commerce presence, then it is highly probable that you heard about Amazon’s recent chain of events that impacted first-party (1P) brands specifically. To begin, Amazon cut off purchase order replenishment for a significant number of vendors that it has a wholesale relationship with.

When the 1P brands reached out to Amazon to check on the PO status, Amazon responded with a variety of answers: it was a technical glitch and the order would come soon, a PO was not issued and Amazon is unsure if one would be soon, or it is not issuing a PO and that vendor should consider moving to Amazon’s direct-to-consumer, third-party seller marketplace.

Less than a week later, Amazon reissued vendor POs and encouraged brand owners to enroll in Amazon’s Brand Registry within 60 days and states “enrollment in Brand Registry will be important for vendors going forward.” For those who do not enroll within the allotted time frame, it is likely they will be funneled over to Seller Central over time.

What does all of this mean for your brand? It is highly likely that Amazon is going to continue to ask vendors to shift to the 3P channel, so our Amazon experts have compiled specific and actionable strategies in a playbook designed to help you make the transition to the 3P marketplace and maximize impact on the channel. Whether you are a private label, 1P brand, or brand that is new to Amazon, understanding how to connect SKU-level performance and profitability on the Amazon marketplace can greatly benefit not only your brand value, but your bottom line.

Catie Grasso
About the Author

Catie Grasso is a content manager at Feedvisor where she oversees and executes on the company's content strategy. She enjoys running, trying new restaurants, and traveling.

What Will You Discover in the Playbook?

  • The key differences between Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central
  • Advantageous ways transitioning to 3P can bolster your brand control and equity
  • Expert-backed tactics to navigate and embrace the 3P channel to drive a lucrative marketplace presence

In the age of Amazon, brands need to remain perceptive to Amazon’s shifting strategies in order to remain profitable and competitive. As the platform continues to roll out new features and policy changes, being able to adapt accordingly will become an indicator of success. Even if selling channels are redefined over time, you need to know how to react strategically to leverage Amazon’s scale to drive growth to your business.

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