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Amazon Expert Briefing: Flipping the House ‑ Why Brands Need to Rebuild From the Ground Up

Important questions e-commerce brands — both that are operating on Amazon and those that have not yet joined the platform — should ask themselves. By Georgina Morgan March 6, 2019
Amazon Expert Briefing: Flipping the House — Why Brands Need to Rebuild From the Ground Up

Amazon Experts Briefing: Flipping the House: Why Brands Need to Rebuild From the Ground Up

The Amazon Expert Briefing series focuses on Feedvisor’s hands-on expertise across price, advertising, and brand optimization and intelligence, with Amazon at the center. This post is led by Feedvisor’s Director of Brand Strategy, Georgina Morgan. As e-commerce has hit the inflection point of changing traditional selling models, there has been a convergence in the needs of suppliers and manufacturers. The shifting focus from brick-and-mortar to online has introduced new obstacles and consideration sets that have not been seen before. With it, both traditional buying and go-to-market strategies have needed to adapt in the online world. Successful omnichannel execution lies in maintaining a consistent, unbroken connection with shoppers as they move between digital and physical touchpoints. Where there are no physical touchpoints, for pure play retailers like that of Amazon, brand control is key. It is no longer as simple as looking at their own price optimization. Brands need to ensure they are asking the right questions about consumer behaviors and looking at all the factors that influence sales along the shopper journey. Weeding through all the data around the aforementioned consumer journey, it is hard to remember where to start — with the basics. While the sales path changes from sector to sector, there are universal questions that all manufacturers should be asking.

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As Director of Brand Strategy at Feedvisor, Georgina oversees brand engagement, intelligence, and managed services. Using her years in e-commerce to inform brand experience, Georgina helps Feedvisor's brand partners drive demand, optimize their presence, and grow revenue.

Are your products on the digital shelf? A brand could have the best content known in the e-commerce space, but if your products cannot be found on the shelf or are not even on the shelf to begin with, then your revenue is going to be zero no matter how much you invest in search spend or promotional strategies. Are your products available for purchase? Are competitors cannibalizing your page share through Sponsored Products? If your products are not available for purchase, your shoppers will simply opt to shop for a competitor brand. Not only does this cost you potential revenue and loyal shoppers, but also degrades your brand image if this is a recurring issue. Additionally, there are likely other favorable competitors paying to place. Is your brand represented properly? Once items are listed and available on the shelf, ensuring the basics are content-compliant can motivate shoppers to evaluate and purchase your products. If it is not clear on websites who the manufacturer is, or what the product is, a shopper is going to move elsewhere. Are you optimized for your key search terms? Do you know what your key terms are? Once the basic questions have been turned to, products are more likely to be purchased if they appear within the first two pages of Amazon search. Understanding and tackling search comes in two forms: organic and paid. Ensuring the right balance of advertising strategy and impressions will help convert shoppers to new customers. Have your physical brand teams been prepared to focus on this channel? After tackling the shelf itself, it is the most important to make sure that internal teams are prepared and aligned for the new world go-to-market strategies. Starting with giving teams the tools and understanding they need to intelligently and efficiently sell. As Amazon and other e-commerce channels continue to evolve, you need to proactively adjust your strategies in order to capitalize on the expansive e-commerce market.

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