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Benefits of the Amazon Sponsored Products Search Term Report

What insights can you gather from Amazon's Sponsored Products search term report? Find out how knowing how to read the report can help your ad strategy. By IT March 4, 2019
Benefits of the Amazon Sponsored Products Search Term Report
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The Sponsored Product search term report gives you visibility into the search terms entered by shoppers searching on Amazon that resulted in a click. You can use this report to identify high-performing searches from consumers and to create negative keywords for search terms that drive irrelevant traffic. Search term reports offer a custom date range of the last 60 days.

To begin, a search term is a string of keywords that a shopper types into the Amazon search bar to find a product. Depending on your keyword match type, Amazon will match search terms with keywords to display the most relevant products and ads, positively influencing the shopper experience.

When you analyze your search term report for Sponsored Products, be sure to look at the raw data. The report, located in Seller Central, provides ample metrics that you can utilize for keyword harvesting. Key metrics to monitor are order numbers, product sales, and clicks. Order number is the total number of converted orders per keyword or search term per SKU, product sales refers to the total number of product sales per keyword or search term per SKU, and the clicks metric is the total number of clicks per keyword or search term per SKU.

It is suggested to run the report after a minimum of seven days, so you can adequately use the data to make well-informed keyword decisions. You will also want to run the search terms report on an ongoing basis in order to pick up new consumer trends and behaviors. You can filter your search term report for the keywords with the highest total ad spend. Are any of the keywords under-converting that would make sense to remove? You can choose to reduce the maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid for that keyword, pause the keyword altogether, or keep it running as is.

Within the search term report, you can also uncover search terms where Amazon is displaying your ad, but the ad is not receiving any clicks. You will want to convert these search terms into negative keywords, because your product may not be truly relevant for a shopper looking for an item with those search terms.

You can do so by analyzing the ASINs of each campaign within Sponsored Products and deactivating the keywords that you want to make negative. By harvesting negative keywords, you are pinpointing keywords that are depleting your ad budget and optimizing your focus demographic to enhance Sponsored Product performance.

Keeping the report filtered by ad spend, you can also look at the search terms that are driving profit and conversion. By analyzing average cost-per-click for each keyword term in the search term report, you can garner important information to help you reduce advertising spend and prioritize your time and resources on high-performing keywords.

If your bid is high and you are still not driving a significant number of impressions for your keyword, you may need to take steps to optimize your product detail pages. Amazon matches the search terms to the listing to determine relevance, so make sure you are utilizing your search term report to modify your product title, selling points, and product description for relevant search terms, while preserving the language that demonstrates your value proposition and unique features and benefits.

With the search term report for Sponsored Products, you receive historical data on what consumers are actually searching for to find your product. You can in turn leverage that data to test and optimize your keywords to enhance relevance and discoverability for your items on Amazon on an ongoing basis, while keeping your ACoS goals front of mind.

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