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Changes to the Participation Agreement

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The notification “Changes to the Participation Agreement” is possibly one of the most important notifications that a seller on Amazon can get. A seller’s status may be altered when some or all of the Participation Agreement has been changed, deleted or revised in any way. It is important for the seller to constantly be aware of the changes made to the Participation Agreement because this document contains the legally binding protocol for behavior within all Amazon and third party sites.

Both standard Seller Account holders and Professional Sellers are strongly encouraged to read the Participation Agreement thoroughly, and, when changes to the Participation Agreement have been made, to review those changes carefully as well. Amazon takes no responsibility for misinformation if a seller does not keep abreast of the terms and conditions of which he has obligated himself to follow.

Note: The most recent changes to the Participation Agreement were made effective on April 29, 2014.

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