Amazon offers sellers a number of different packaging options, depending on the means they choose for order fulfillment. When selling on Amazon via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), the seller must follow all general requirements for shipping inventory to different fulfillment centers. The seller should be aware that Amazon has the right to refuse, return, or repackage any product that does not meet packaging requirements. The seller may also be subject to certain noncompliance fees.

General Packaging Rules

  • FNSKU (Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit). An FNSKU identifies a product as a Fulfillment by Amazon product and by an SKU. FNSKUs must be unique, corresponding to only one product. Sellers who market similar items, where the only differences between the products are size, shape, or color, must give each product variation a new FNSKU.
  • Tracking. Each package must have an exterior barcode or label, which may be scanned for easy tracking. The label must be accessible and readable.

There may be different requirements for certain items under any given category. The following is a list of packaging rules by category:

  • Loose products. When sold together, loose products must be contained within one package. Units that are sold as sets with many pieces within one box must be marked with a label that says “Sold as set” or “Do not separate.”
  • Boxed units. Any shipments in boxes must be six-sided and completely sealed and difficult to reopen. All boxes must be able to withstand a medium amount of pressure on any given side.
  • Poly bag units. Poly bags with openings larger than five inches must contain suffocation warnings that must be printed in an easy-to-find location. The bag must be transparent and contain a barcode that may be scanned easily. The poly bag must be completely sealed.
  • Expiration dates. When shipping items that include expiration dates, the date must be written on the container as well as on each individual unit. The dates must be displayed in the MM-DD-YYYY format.

Note: If an item fits multiple categories, it must be prepared for shipment according to the regulations of all of the applicable categories.