Quality Product Listing

Quality Product Listing

Product listings provide all the details about a product that a buyer needs to know to determine whether to purchase the item. Quality Product Listings particularly detailed, with each field on the Product Description Page completed with specific information such as product titles, detailed product descriptions, brand names, and images – are ranked higher by Amazon’s algorithm, and appear at the top of a buyer’s search results. Since many buyers choose items that appear at the beginning of their search, sellers who can make their products appear first are likely to increase their sales.

High-quality product listings are therefore to the benefit of the seller, because they may ease the way of the buyer and help make Amazon transactions run more smoothly.

Features of a Quality Product Listing

The more detailed information used in listing products, the more comfortable a buyer will be in purchasing those products. The following categories offer buyers a strong understanding of the products:

  • Product title. Leads buyers to the product (see the style guide on the Product Search page to construct titles).
  • Product descriptions. Provides buyers with details about the product, helping them make informed purchases.
  • Brand names. Aids buyers in product selection, allowing them to recognize familiar products and manufacturers.
  • Product images. Provides buyers with an accurate representation of the product, helping them visualize the product (see Product Image page for more details).
  • Size. Enables buyers to find the products that meet their needs when they search (especially important for clothing and shoes).
  • Material type. Enables buyers to find products that suit their preferences, whether out of concern for allergies or luxury.