Returns Merchandise Authorization

Returns Merchandise Authorization

In order to be able to return items to Amazon’s sellers, buyers must submit a request for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). This authorization serves as the “middleman” between the buyer and the seller, to ensure that returns are executed smoothly and fairly. Each return transaction is designated its own RMA number.

Authorizing Returns

The process of authorizing returns via Amazon is as follows:

  1. Buyers contact Amazon with their requests to return items.
  2. Amazon sends the request for a return to the seller, including the details of the return (whether the request meets Amazon’s requirements for returns and the like).
  3. Amazon then generates an RMA number to identify the specific return, and includes it in the notification to the seller.
  4. The seller determines whether to accept the return and if so, whether to use Amazon’s RMA number or to generate the seller’s own custom RMA number.
  5. Notification of the seller’s decision is sent to the buyer, including the RMA number when appropriate.

Uses of the RMA Number

Sellers authorize returns via the Manage Returns tab. When they do so, they are required to enter the unique RMA number, which identifies the return. The RMA number appears in the following places:

  • The Return Merchandise Authorization.
  • The Return Mailing Label (RML), sent by Amazon to the buyer, who uses it to return the item to the seller.
  • The seller’s Amazon account, under Manage Returns.

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