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Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Consumer Behavior

By Feedvisor November 3, 2021

It’s no surprise consumer behavior has drastically changed over the last two years, however questions like how much and what is the impact for those trying to reach shoppers on Amazon remained largely unanswered – until now.

In its fourth installation, The 2021 Amazon Consumer Behavior Report provides a comprehensive and detailed view into the minds and wallets of over 2,000 U.S. consumers. This includes the impact of Covid-19 on consumers’ buying habits and the evolution of their online media consumption and shopping behaviors, plus comparisons to pre-pandemic statistics.

Whats Revealed In The Report

What’s Revealed in the Report:

  • Compelling statistics around the platforms consumers prefer to make a purchase on
  • The type of Ads that resonate the most with consumers
  • Which loyalty programs consumers are subscribed to and the incentives that motivate them to make a purchase
  • How the holidays impact purchase decisions and so much more!

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