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6 Ways to Prep Your Amazon Business for Success in 2019 [Guide]

From inventory and returns to pricing and advertising, discover strategies on how you can effectively prepare your Amazon business for 2019. By IT December 5, 2018
6 Ways to Prep Your Amazon Business for Success in 2019 [Guide]

Amazon brands and retailers: Are you prepared for 2019? Have you laid out your business strategies and goals in a plan that works best for your business and you can measure against throughout the year? We know that in November and December, you can be inundated with various tasks to keep your supply chain and operational model running seamlessly throughout the holiday season. However, as soon as the surge in traffic volume and conversion gradually starts to fade at year end, you should set aside some time to begin preparation for the new year.

During this time, you can analyze your performance from the year, utilizing weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales data to pull out trends and accurately inform your sourcing and stocking decisions for 2019. You can also measure your performance during peak shopping events such as Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other seasonal-specific times of year based on your catalog. For example, if your top seller is ice melt, you may assess what month of the year you experienced a spike in traffic and sales velocity, and appropriately adjust your 2019 inventory based on when most consumers were preparing for winter.

In our most recent guide, 6 Ways to Prep Your Amazon Business for Success in 2019, we have gathered proven best practices from our in-house team of Amazon experts on how to optimize the most critical areas of your Amazon business that can, in fact, be primed and organized ahead of the new year. From establishing a plan for unsold inventory from the holidays and identifying innovative ways to cut costs with your FBA model to navigating returns in Q1 and leveraging advertising to drive net new business, you will be able to utilize the tips in this guide to get ahead of the curve and set performance targets early on.

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What’s Inside the Guide?

  • Specific ways to fine-tune your advertising and pricing strategies leading into 2019 and how you can closely connect the two
  • Recommendations on how you can streamline objectives and identify deliverables, cut costs, and drive growth as you enter Q1
  • Organizational tips to create a robust plan for your ad spend and align your new product launches with a PPC cadence
  • Tangible examples of how AI technology can play a role across sectors as your business scales, such as by decreasing inventory errors and optimizing your returns process

With the strategies detailed in the compact guide, you will be able to maximize your impact heading into 2019. Navigating an ever-evolving Amazon environment and shifting, hyper-competitive market dynamics can be difficult at times, but by utilizing data and automation to optimize your Amazon business operation you will be more equipped to better understand your customers’ needs and make important decisions about your product line for the new year.

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