The “AI-First” Optimization and Intelligence Platform Powering Marketplace Success for Retailers on Amazon

Establishing an effective pricing strategy, whether by SKU, category, or geographical market, can be a time-consuming process. Retailers aiming to grow on Amazon while simultaneously facing the inevitable competition need to implement strategic solutions that are customized to an enterprise operation.

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Increase Conversion and Grow Your Profits

Feedvisor Main Dashboard

Price Optimization
and Intelligence

Our best-in-class algorithmic repricer ensures that you win the Buy Box at the optimal price point for each specific item and for your overall business. Powered by artificial intelligence, the repricer considers seller performance, competition, and your targets to determine the right price and adapts to your inventory levels in real-time.

  • Analyze the constantly changing competitive landscape in real-time.
  • Get an overview of your operational insights and comprehensive transaction data to effectively identify trends and seasonality, forecast appropriately, and optimize top selling items.
  • Understand where you are and are not priced competitively and how your reviews and ratings compare to your main competitors.
  • Compatible with Amazon Business, enabling competitive B2B bulk pricing, volume discounts, and overall store management.

Available as self-managed or end-to-end managed services.

Feedvisor Advertising Dashboard

Advertising Optimization
and Intelligence

Our pay-per-click advertising campaign manager maximizes your ad performance according to your specific business strategies, such as liquidation, new product launches, or profit generation. The campaign manager supports manual and automated campaigns for keyword harvesting and negative keyword identification.

  • Create, manage, optimize, and track your Sponsored Product campaigns in one dashboard.
  • Enable real-time bidding so you can focus on ad spend allocation.
  • Link campaigns, ad groups, and keywords back to profit.
  • Gain keyword insights to target impactful keywords that drive sales.

Available as self-managed or end-to-end managed services.

One Platform. Infinite Possibilities.

Optimize your Amazon pricing strategy and campaign performance with AI technology

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increase in sales


increase in profit margins


decrease in ACoS

Predictive Business Intelligence

Performance Dashboard

Identify your high performing listings, underperforming listings, and unprofitable items to help optimize your product investment strategy.

Profitability Dashboard

Receive a comprehensive P&L analysis, inclusive of shipping and handling, returns, and advertising costs, to better understand the most and least profitable SKUs in your assortment.

Returns Dashboard

Slice-and-dice your returns data by volume, value, SKU, vendor, and brand to show how returns impact your profitability and operational inventory management.

Campaign Manager

From one holistic advertising dashboard, you can create, manage, optimize, and track your campaigns. Gain a 360-degree view into your campaign performance, traffic, keyword efficiency, and ad spend.

In-Depth Keyword Research

We help you pinpoint impactful keywords to drive sales — top selling keywords, underperforming keywords with ACoS that should be optimized, and top keywords by conversion rate.

MAP Insights

Receive detailed MAP insights so you can quickly and accurately identify vendors’ MAP violation history, including how often and by how much.

Inventory Replenishment Insights

Leverage inventory replenishment insights and alerts to ensure your inventory levels on Amazon are always optimal.

Revenue Insights

Harness advanced analytics and actionable insights to increase revenue at both a SKU-specific and overall business level.

Operational Insights

Discover your comprehensive transaction data, all from one dashboard. Look at your sales and order data granularly or to identify trends and seasonality, forecast appropriately, and optimize top sellers.

Competitive Landscape Insights

Understand where you are priced competitively, where you are not competitive, and how your reviews and ratings compare to your key competitors.

Custom Reports

Create your own customized report for a specific goal that your business is trying to accomplish. You can start as macro or micro as you would like and our team of experts can provide recommendations based on your individual business needs.

“Our favorite thing about this partnership is that Feedvisor helps us brainstorm, design, and execute custom solutions that work for us.”

— Industry-Leading Retail Brand

Control and Expand Your Brand on Amazon

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