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Emerging Fashion Brand Bolsters Sales and Expansion of Global Footprint With Feedvisor

Discover how this emerging fashion brand leverages AI-fueled technology to optimize its overall brand presence as well as drive sales growth.
Emerging Fashion Brand Bolsters Sales and Expansion of Global Footprint With Feedvisor

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Situation: Lack of Competitive Pricing Strategy and Inconsistent Catalog Leads to Suboptimal Buy Box Share and Sales

Upon approaching Feedvisor, the client was facing a variety of business problems since it began selling on Amazon’s U.S., German, and U.K. marketplaces in 2018. These problems included low Buy Box share and conversion rate, a limited understanding of competing brands who historically dominated key search terms, and a lack of strategy to manage its footprint of 3P resellers, both authorized and unauthorized, who were taking sales share away from the brand on key ASINs.


increase in average daily orders


increase in average daily sales


increase in average daily profits

Solution: AI-Driven Technology Enables Client to Optimize Amazon Presence and Establish Brand Consistency

To begin, Feedvisor’s team of Amazon experts performed SEO-rich content optimization to aid organic discovery and a positive brand reputation. The team also reorganized the catalog and product variants, homogenized the brand naming conventions, and consolidated product sizes to help increase the click-through rate. Moreover, the client was unaware of the significant reseller market in all three countries in which it operates storefronts and resellers were taking share of sales from them. To demonstrate the damage these resellers can do to the client’s market share and brand equity, we then leveraged our proprietary marketplace intelligence across their third-party (3P) footprint to identify and take action against unauthorized sellers. Through our digital shelf analysis, which is powered by AI-backed technology and our deep understanding of the Amazon marketplace, we also advised on the client’s competitive set to identify areas of improvement and blind spots where competitors were winning in search, content, ratings, and more. Finally, to combat lost Buy Box share, the client leveraged Feedvisor’s price optimization technology to optimally reprice products to win the Buy Box over other 3P sellers as well as price against indirect competition on Amazon-exclusive products and private label lines. Emerging Fashion Brand Bolsters Sales and Expansion of Global Footprint With Feedvisor

The client has been able to drastically improve overall brand control while simultaneously driving discovery and conversion.

Results: Increased Buy Box Percentage and Greater Brand Control Drive Incremental Sales Growth

  • Increased Buy Box share in the U.S. to 56% from a low of 44%
  • Sales conversion increased to nearly 6% from 2.6%
  • 125% increase in average daily sales, 127% increase in average daily profits, and 114% increase in average daily orders, all fueled by algorithmic price optimization
  • Ranking on the first page of search results for three key SKUs which started with 0% share of voice for important search terms 

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