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Multimillion-Dollar Sports and Fitness Brand Optimizes Amazon Presence With Marketplace Intelligence

This client, with more than $10 million in annual GMV on Amazon, leveraged Feedvisor's marketplace intelligence reporting to clean up their brand presence.
Multimillion-Dollar Sports and Fitness Brand Optimizes Amazon Presence With Marketplace Intelligence

Situation: Unauthorized Seller Activity and Counterfeits Damage Brand Equity

The client, with an extensive catalog of predominantly private label products and more than $10 million in annual GMV on Amazon, was repeatedly falling victim to unauthorized and counterfeit seller activity, as well as authorized sellers who were not adhering to the correct Amazon content and listing practices.  They were seeking a technology partner to effectively diagnose their key Amazon brand presence problem areas such as fraudulent and unauthorized sellers, plummeting ratings, reduced Buy Box share, and MAP violators.


improvement in Buy Box share


of unauthorized sellers removed

Solution: Client Leverages AI-Powered Technology to Clean up Seller Footprint

Feedvisor’s marketplace intelligence is powered by one of the largest transactional databases and — combined with our AI-driven technology, machine-learning models, and deep understanding of the Amazon marketplace — helps brands manage their presence more holistically. Utilizing our robust marketplace intelligence suite, the managed services team analyzed the client’s third-party (3P) footprint across their seller network. On an ongoing basis, the team flagged and reported unauthorized 3P sellers that appeared in the client’s market sphere using sophisticated technology, and proactively assisted in removing them. Feedvisor’s reporting looked at not only the variables that impact lost Buy Box, but also the client’s performance on a category, seller, and ASIN level to identify the areas that are leading to the loss of market share such as pricing, seller rating, and inventory health.  Through continuous, AI-driven monitoring of all sellers competing on each ASIN in the client’s catalog, our team identified each seller’s unique distribution status as authorized or unauthorized and pinpointed content, pricing, and listings that were non-compliant to the client’s — and Amazon’s — standards.  Upon identifying unauthorized sellers and detecting counterfeit activity, we sent policing alerts to flag new unauthorized entrants to the market and worked to clean up their marketplace presence and ensure they were enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry. Multimillion-Dollar Sports and Fitness Brand Optimizes Amazon Presence With Marketplace Intelligence

We continue to leverage AI-powered technology to detect suspicious activity and protect the client’s store moving forward.

Results: Stronger Brand Reputation Control and Increased Market Share

Delivered on a monthly basis, we provided the client with in-depth insights based on data from our expansive seller network, AI-driven algorithms, and proprietary methodology. We alerted the client in real time when new sellers appeared on their listings, equipped them with available seller information, links to the storefront, and any MAP violations, and continued to clean up their market sphere moving forward.

  • Improved Buy Box share by 25%
  • Removed 31% of unauthorized sellers
  • Enabled the client to eliminate sellers denigrating their brand and overall reputation

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