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Understanding Sales Attribution for Amazon Advertising Campaigns

Amazon Sponsored Products: Attributed Sales

Sales attribution tells you which specific ads are driving sales. On Amazon, a sale is attributed to a campaign whenever a shopper that clicked on an ad purchases your brand’s products at Amazon. For first-party sellers, Sponsored Products attributed sales will only count sales of these products when Amazon was the seller, and not third-party merchants. For third-party sellers, purchases are attributed to Sponsored Products when a shopper clicks on an ad and then purchases a product from your inventory.

For Sponsored Brands and product display ads, sales are attributed for the advertised product plus any products with the same brand as the advertised product, including sales by Amazon-sold ASINs and sales by third-party sellers. The total sales metric is the total dollar value of your brand’s products sold to shoppers within 14 days of them clicking on your ad. This time period for measuring purchases after a click is known as an attribution window. With sales attribution knowledge, you are better equipped to utilize these metrics and actionable insights to effectively drive impressions, clicks, and conversions.

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