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The Listing ID is a crucial element in the Amazon marketplace as it acts as the unique identifier for each product that is listed on the platform. This value is calculated and assigned by Amazon and is distinct from other identifying numbers such as the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). The Listing ID is an essential tool for sellers to keep track of their products and orders, as it enables them to easily filter and find all orders related to a particular product.

In the event that a seller decides to relist their product, Amazon assigns a new Listing ID to the product, ensuring that each product has a unique identifier. This helps sellers to differentiate between their products and orders, and also enables Amazon to keep track of the products listed on its platform.

The Manage Orders tool is an essential tool for Amazon sellers, and the Listing ID filter is an integral part of it. This filter enables sellers to quickly find all orders related to a specific product by simply entering the product’s Listing ID. This saves sellers time and effort in manually searching for orders, and ensures that they can fulfill their orders efficiently and accurately.

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