Amazon Buy Box Percentage Explained

Many Amazon sellers mistakenly think that there is only one lucky Buy Box winner at any one time. However, when we talk about a Buy Box winner, we mean someone who has won a certain percentage of the Buy Box.

How Buy Box Percentage Works

In most cases, Amazon do not give the Buy Box to only one winner, but rather share it, or rotate it, between a few sellers. Each seller’s share of the Buy Box is determined by many different variables. To find out which variables make a difference in winning the Buy Box, see Feedvisor’s Buy Box Bible.

Obviously the more popular your item is, the more likely that you’ll need to share the Buy Box with other sellers.  Whereas if your item has little competition, it’s less likely to need to share the Buy Box.


Examples of Buy Box Percentage

For example, if ten perfectly equal sellers are all vying for the Buy Box, they might each win 10% each. What this means is that for 10% of the day, this seller has their offering shown in the Buy Box.

On the other hand, a higher performing seller could have 70% of the Buy Box, an average seller could have 20%, and a lower performing seller 10%. All three of these sellers have “won” the Buy Box.

How does this Affect the Customer?

Buy Box rotations are hidden from the customer as Amazon use cookies to ensure that each customer sees only one Buy Box winner per hour.

So if a customer searches Amazon for a specific product and sees a particular seller’s offering in the Buy Box, and then returns to the same product page half an hour later, they will see the same seller. If they return a couple of hours later, however, they might see a different seller.

If they place the item in the shopping cart, and return to it sometime later, the item offering will be from the same seller. However, the price of the product may have changed, in which case Amazon will notify the customer.


If a Seller’s Metrics Change

If, for whatever reason, the Buy Box winner’s metrics change, Amazon may rotate the Buy Box to a different seller, even before the one hour time period is up.