EMD Sees Significant Sales and Profit Boost With Feedvisor

“Every other repricer we used was a race to the bottom, so we weren’t maximizing our profits.”

Mendel Mangel | Director of Sales at EMD
sales growth per item
profit growth per item

Challenge: Finding the Right Tools for Growth

EMD’s rapid growth meant it needed to automate more aspects of its day-to-day operations. The electronics company tested out a variety of repricers in an effort to keep up with Amazon’s constantly changing prices. However, these rule-based repricers drove EMD’s prices and profits down.

In addition, EMD’s growing number of SKUs meant more communication was needed with more customers. There was also an opportunity to generate lots of great feedback thanks to the sheer quantity of satisfied customers. The question became, how could EMD automate this process?

Solution: A Combination of the Right Repricing and Feedback Software

Once Mendel Mangel, EMD’s director of sales, implemented Feedvisor’s repricer, things started to turn around for the company. Mendel also uses Feedvisor’s replenishment report to determine when it’s time to restock inventory.

He also regularly checks his Buy Box percentage and sales velocity to help him make better decisions about replenishment.

“Feedvisor takes many factors into consideration when making pricing decisions. Many times we’re selling a product $7 or $8 higher than the next person, and we still win the Buy Box.”

Mendel also understood that keeping his customers happy and reviews high is a key part of winning the Box Box. Mendel uses software from SellerLabs called Feedback Genius to send follow-up emails to the customers. EMD sends an automatic email when customers receive the package, checking that everything is OK. Two weeks later, another email is sent to check whether the customers are still satisfied. If they are, a request for feedback is solicited. A month later, EMD will ask them to leave a product review.

Future Plans: Expanding into Overseas Markets

The next step for EMD is to focus on international markets. Each of those marketplaces on its own may be small, but Mendel notes that Amazon EU as a whole equals approximately the volume of the US — making it a worthwhile endeavor.

EMD also plans on refining the processes within its business to ensure it stays profitable and keeps growing. A big part of this means keeping up to date with software that can automate key parts of the business, allowing Mendel to focus on the bigger picture. With SellerLabs and Feedvisor, EMD is in good shape.

Since 2008, EMD has been selling electronics and accessories through different eCommerce platforms. Starting out as a small local supplier, EMD quickly grew to become the largest distributor in New England. The company’s journey with Amazon began when it would take inventory that needed to be liquidated and sell it on Amazon. As time went on, EMD started buying products specifically for Amazon. EMD is a true multi-channel operation, selling on other major marketplaces including eBay, Groupon, Walmart, Jet, and Newegg.

Such a large and fast-expanding business requires the right tools — and EMD relies on Feedvisor for repricing its products, and SellerLabs for customer reviews.