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The Amazon unBoxed Recap 2022

Get the unBoxed 2022 recap for new tools and features now available in Amazon Ads. By Rachel Van Clepper October 31, 2022
Amazon unBoxed Recap: 2022

UnBoxed 2022 was once again used by Amazon Ads to announce many new updates and changes, including video ads, streaming content, omnichannel ad metrics, and tracking tools.

Interactive ads, in particular, have moved up in importance drastically, with interactive video ads as an important component of advertising strategies with Amazon due to their ability to catch and hold consumers’ attention and interest, getting 47% more viewing time than static ads. Paired with these video strategies are new or improved methods of effectively tracking these ad types with tools like AMC. 

Last year at unBoxed 2021, there was a deep focus on the newly launched AMC along with updates to Twitch, Amazon Follow feature, and more that you can read about here.

If you weren’t able to attend or want an overview of all of the new and upcoming changes to Amazon Ads, continue reading to learn about the major updates Amazon announced at this year’s unBoxed event.

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92% of respondents said they were more likely to take an action if offered an Amazon shopping credit, according to a 2021 Amazon Ads survey.

Amazon Sponsored Ad 2022 Updates

Sponsored ads are by far the most widely used by advertisers on Amazon, and for a good reason – they are the best-performing ads, with 38% of consumers finding them helpful. Learn what new updates have already been rolled out to take advantage of this top-performing ad type.

Reward Display (beta): Increasing Loyalty Among Consumers

In this new beta, brands can add Amazon shopping credit directly in their Sponsored Display creative, giving customers the opportunity to receive a reward by clicking on the ad to purchase the featured product. This does not include Sponsored Product ads.

Who can use it? This is currently a closed beta but will be available to all U.S. advertisers soon.


Sponsored Display Now Available for Brands Not Selling on Amazon

Sponsored Ads weren’t available for brands that didn’t sell on Amazon until now, introduced in their new beta. Similar to DSP, Sponsored Display ads can now be used by advertisers not selling on Amazon. This change is most likely due to the expansion of their owned media property, opening up advertising to more products and services in verticals like hotels that do not sell on Amazon.

Who can use it? This closed beta is currently only available on Twitch to U.S. advertisers. Amazon Ads did not share when it may extend the ad placements to other owned media properties or open the beta.

If you can’t use this beta yet, we would recommend utilizing DSP as it has a larger selection of ad inventory across Amazon’s owned media properties like Twitch, Amazon Streaming Video, and more to increase your reach. 

Further Reading: The Steps to Getting Started with DSP


Amazon Video Builder (beta)

Video Builder (beta) Available for Sponsored Brands Video Placements

The Video Builder (beta) allows you to build videos with product images and copy from your product detail pages with ready-to-use customizable templates. This gives you the ability to quickly create videos for all of your products, like tutorials, demos, testimonials, and more, as well as multiple versions for each product you can use for testing and experimentation.

Who can use it? This beta is available for all vendors and sellers in Amazon’s advertising console.

Learn More About the Video Builder (beta)


“Video advertising was at the forefront for many of the sessions, with an emphasis on Thursday Night Football, Freevee, and IMDB,” Matt Saunders, Director of Brand Services at Feedvisor, explains.

“Video advertising was at the forefront for many of the sessions, with an emphasis on Thursday Night Football, Freevee, and IMDB,” Matt Saunders, Director of Brand Services at Feedvisor, explains. “Amazon is continuing to make it easier for brands to create content – but more importantly, thinking about ways they can expand the reach of Amazon Live by integrating the videos elsewhere throughout the shopping experience in and even outside of Amazon.”

This is an incredibly important feature as more consumers are passing up “passive” ads in favor of “interactive” ads, with 64% of consumers regularly engaging with video, according to new consumer behavior data.


You can find all presets in Amazon's ads console for all new products

Sponsored Product Campaign with Presets

Presets can now be found in the ads console for all new products, giving you Amazon-recommended campaign settings like daily budgets or bidding strategies. 

This new feature makes it easier to get started when launching a new product on Amazon or starting a campaign. Amazon Ads found that campaigns launched using available presets observed a 77% increase in clicks and a 29% increase in conversions compared to campaigns that did not utilize presets.

Who can use it? This feature is available in the U.S. for all sellers in the advertising console.

Get a head start: View your ad performance with a FREE PPC Audit


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Digital Signage Ads in Amazon Fresh Stores

Amazon DSP 2022 Updates

During the conference, Amazon Ads emphasized the importance of engaged views for advertisements, which is why advertising during streaming TV content like Thursday Night Football is a great new opportunity for advertisers. 

Alan Moss, VP of Global Ad Sales on Amazon, stated that Thursday Night Football has some of the most engaged viewers. But advertising during Thursday Night Football streaming is only one of the opportunities mentioned that include Amazon DSP.

Continue reading to learn more updates to Amazon DSP.

Digital Signage Ads in Amazon Fresh Stores

With Amazon DSP, you can now purchase digital signage ads programmatically for placements in Amazon Fresh Stores, not Whole Foods. Campaigns can be scheduled by store location, daypart, and location of signage in the store. 

Although limited in current use, this is a great opportunity for CPG brands selling in Amazon Fresh Stores. Amazon’s testing showed that one client, Kraft Drink Mixes had a 40% life in sales after using digital signage ads in Amazon Fresh stores.

Who can use it? Anyone who uses managed services with DSP and can meet the minimum ad spend.


Amazon Brand Lift Beta Now Available in the UK

This beta was once only available in the U.S. but has now expanded to include UK advertisers. Advertisers can now quantify campaign marketing objectives with this beta through the use of the Amazon Shopper Panel.

Who can use it? Any advertisers in the U.S. or UK with Amazon DSP or Amazon Ad API

Learn more about Amazon Brand Lift.


“AMC is something all companies need to invest in as it truly provides a view on performance data that can drive not only insights on campaigns but guidance on future media plans," Doug Kaplan, Head of Programmatic at Feedvisor explains.

New Measurements & Tools in Amazon Ads

Amazon prides itself on increasing efficiency and optimizing campaign performance, shown through their new updates to their campaign measurement and analytics tools.

“I’m someone who works in the programmatic space, and it has always been difficult to provide performance metrics to clients showing the value of leveraging more upper funnel opportunities, like the Amazon DSP,” Doug Kaplan, Head of Programmatic at Feedvisor explains.

“The big step forward to being able to demonstrate the value of these tactics will be AMC, and something all companies need to invest in as it truly provides a view on performance data that can drive not only insights on campaigns but guidance on future media plans.”

Many of the updates seen at unBoxed 2022 focused on connecting different tools across channels for better insight into your advertising campaigns across the Amazon ecosystem, including Freevee and Twitch. Including their upcoming update that connects Omnichannel metrics + Amazon Shopper Panel will come together in 2023 to connect measurements before and after a campaign launch.

Sponsored Display and Digital Event Subscription Now Available in AMC

The goal of this change is to make it more efficient to take actionable insights with AMC. These changes come with more pre-build instructional queries, so you can manage DSP audiences more easily in AMC.

Learn how Feedvisor can help you get started with DSP.


Amazon Ad Tag Update

Amazon’s new ad tag only needs one pixel to track your full campaign with richer insights. This ad tag works when you have a cookie or an ID is present; you don’t need both. 

Who can use it? Amazon DSP Advertisers who are looking to expand their Amazon audiences.

Contextual Targeting (beta)

This new beta allows advertisers to leverage over 40,000 product categories to contextually target these audiences on and off Amazon, resulting in a 20-30% increase in incremental addressability in inventory.


Pre-Campaign Planning Tools

Amazon Ads announced two new pre-campaign planning tools that you can use when getting started with launching a new product or campaign type: Audience Research (beta) and Creative Testing (beta).

Audience Research (beta)

This new beta allows advertisers to design, launch, and view reporting from studies conducted with the Amazon Shopper Panel in the Amazon DSP console. These studies will allow them to get feedback from relevant personas with survey-based feedback.

Examples of Audience Research (beta)

Creative Testing (beta)

The Creative Testing (beta) allows advertisers to test different images and videos for upcoming brand campaigns through surveys. This is currently only available in the U.S. located in the Studies page of Amazon DSP.


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Every year Amazon Ads continues to make updates and release new betas to help you perfect your advertising strategies, but it can be difficult to keep up with it all. As a certified Advanced Amazon Ads Partner, our experts at Feedvisor can keep you in the know for upcoming changes and help you quickly adapt your campaigns or test out new features and betas.

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