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How to Leverage Product Inserts to Drive Consumer Engagement

By IT May 3, 2019
How to Leverage Product Inserts to Drive Consumer Engagement
  • Product packaging inserts are an innovative way for brands selling on Amazon to illustrate their value proposition and add another touchpoint between themselves and their audience.
  • Experimenting with product packaging inserts can prove beneficial for brands looking to achieve a variety of business goals, such as to promote cross-selling and upselling.
  • In this post, we rounded up five ways you can leverage product inserts to gain net new customers, sell other items in your catalog, or improve your performance rating.

According to Feedvisor data from more than 2,000 U.S. consumers, of the shoppers who buy on Amazon daily, all of them (100%) at least occasionally go to Amazon in search of products from specific brands. This signifies a critical task for brands: providing a convenient, seamless, shopping experience that evokes loyalty and repeat purchases.

One way that you can take this brand engagement play to new heights is by experimenting with product packaging inserts to help differentiate your product and create a lasting impression with the consumer. However, it is important to abide by Amazon’s Terms of Service when it comes to inserts. You can not direct shoppers to your own third-party website or incentivize them to leave a review in exchange for a free or discounted product. According to Amazon, “any advertisements, marketing messages, or calls to action that lead, prompt, or encourage Amazon users to leave the Amazon website are prohibited.”

Packaging inserts represent an opportunity for you to market to your customer audience, promote upsells or cross-sells, and generate positive reviews. Below, we have compiled several examples of ways you can use product packaging inserts to demonstrate your brand story and value proposition.

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1. Encourage Positive Reviews

Without promising something in return for a review, you can use a product insert to remind shoppers to leave a review for your product on Amazon. For example, you can say something like “We would greatly appreciate your feedback” or “We want to hear from you,” along with your logo, tagline, and a call to action on how they can submit reviews.

2. Educate Consumers About Your Product Benefits and Features

Probably the most popular use case for packaging inserts is the educational ploy. By providing additional information for the customer and answering any potential questions that may arise when opening the package or using the product for the first time, you are proactively preventing any complaints or returns in the future. To enhance brand awareness and foster future engagement, you can include instructions, ideas for recommended product use, or information on how to get started.

3. Promote Upsell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

Through a packaging insert, you can drive sales to other SKUs in your catalog, therefore diversifying your revenue. You can offer customers a discount off their next purchase with a promo code or other detailed offers for complementary or relevant products that have high performance metrics. You can even offer a discount for slow-moving or stagnant inventory that you need to move through by a certain date. With regard to discounts, be sure that the discount applies to your Amazon store and not your website or other selling channels.

4. Provide a Warranty

You should have a warranty program in place for your products to garner trust with customers and show that you are constantly optimizing your product set. By including the program information in a packaging insert, you can make sure that customers know that the program exists and broadcast your company’s phone number and email address for inquiries about the warranty.

5. Drive Social Engagement

Product packaging inserts can help promote engagement with your brand across other channels, such as on social media platforms. You are not allowed to lead customers to any of your other sales channels, such as your own website, but you can encourage them to follow you on Instagram or like your Facebook page. By driving incremental engagement on social, you are effectively building your brand across various touchpoints, increasing your social audience, generating product awareness, and showing that you care about your customers.

Final Thoughts

Packaging inserts represent a unique opportunity for you to differentiate your brand from the competition and connect with customers. At the core of your packaging insert experimentation, be sure to always remind people of product benefits and value-added features to help keep your brand front of mind with those customers moving forward. Include one, clear call to action on each insert and make sure that any instructions are clear and easy to understand.

As with other areas of your Amazon operation such as listing content, keywords, and images, testing to see what works best will be the name of the game for inserts. Down the road, you can adjust the design, copy, and call to action on your inserts to see which ones drive the highest levels of engagement and responses.

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