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17 Social Media Groups for Amazon Sellers to Join

We’ve rounded up the best-in-class, top social media leaders and groups for Amazon sellers to follow in order to stay on top of the latest news and trends. By IT January 31, 2018
17 Social Media Groups for Amazon Sellers to Join

We’ve rounded up the best-in-class, top social media leaders and groups for Amazon sellers to follow in order to help you join in on the action, take part in the larger e-commerce dialogue, and receive and share recommendations, tips, and industry information to stay up-to-date with Amazon’s ever-evolving marketplace.


Ben Fox Rubin @benfoxrubin – Ben Fox Rubin is a senior reporter for CNET News reporting breaking Amazon, e-commerce, and mobile payment news that is relevant to sellers.

Spencer Soper @spencersoper – Spencer Soper is an e-commerce reporter for Bloomberg covering the latest technologies, payment practices, market trends, and all-things Amazon.

Geekwire @geekwire Geekwire reports tech news and commentary straight from the backyard of Amazon’s HQ in Seattle, so it is known as an immediate and accurate source of Amazon, Internet, and mobile news.

Facebook Groups

Amazon Sellers Group: ASGTG

ASGTG is a forum used to share the latest seller performance news and updates as well as suggestions used to navigate and deal with Amazon suspension. It is a free support group that aims to prevent the dreaded Amazon suspension notification by keeping sellers well-informed on all relevant and impactful compliance rules and crackdowns. ASGTG rapidly exploded from a handful to thousands of sellers, including many of the top 200 Amazon sellers.

ASGTG’s helpful resources include telegram messaging with thousands of sellers, a Human Resources and Deals Group, notifications of changes in Amazon’s policies, video interviews with Amazon professionals, and seller performance tips. Click here to join ASGTG:

Audience: Mainly sellers in the tri-state area, both resellers and private label sellers

Admin: Ed Rosenberg

Members: 2,038

Amazon Seller Performance

This forum deals with all Amazon suspension and compliance issues, legal matters, and information on restricted products. It aims to bridge the gap between what Amazon wants and what Amazon lets sellers know it wants.

Admin: Ed Rosenberg

Members: 9,396

The Reseller Society

The Reseller Society is a large group of Amazon resellers that discuss the cradle-to-grave process of reselling on Amazon and help each other out with general and specific questions on a wide range of e-commerce topics.

Admin: Elena Gonzalez

Members: 36,348

Wholesale Breakthrough

Wholesale Breakthrough will be your go-to group for everything related to starting, building, or improving an e-commerce-based wholesale business. All content on this page is free and interaction between group members is highly encouraged. Check out for more information.

Admin: Eddie Levine

Members: 1,501

Amazing Freedom – Amazon Sellers

The Amazing Freedom group is designed to be a supportive community of Amazon sellers that are driven towards improving their businesses. Both Andy Slamans & Liran Hirschkorn have sold millions of dollars of their own branded products on Amazon and they enjoy providing sellers with valuable information on how to grow private label brands.

Visit for their free training series and to see what sellers have to say about using Amazing Freedom.

Audience: Mainly private label Amazon sellers or those interested in private label

Admin: Liran Hirschkorn, Nathan Slamans, Andy Slamans

Members: 9,457

FBA Master Group

This group was created to help online FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) sellers with questions, advice, and suggestions to improve their overall business.

Admin: Chris Wilkey

Members: 28,218

FBA Today

This group is a hub for entrepreneurs of all experience levels. The administrators focus on sharing content primarily on the selling of physical products on Amazon.
As a member of the community, feel free to share what’s new with your business (what is and isn’t working for you), ask questions of the community that may help you grow your business, and connect with other like-minded sellers to grow your businesses together.

Admin: Nathan Macallister

Members: 22,000

Amazon FBA High Rollers

The Amazon FBA High Rollers group was created for the listeners of the AM/PM Podcast ( with the mission to become the number one go-to resource for Amazon sellers. The group has been designated as a place to network with other sellers and get answers to questions about Amazon, FBA, private labeling, merchandise, and more.

Admin: Manny Coats

Members: 32,000

Amazon Sellers

This group is for Amazon marketplace sellers to share information, tips, and best practices.
If you currently sell on,, .de, fr, ca,, .es, .it, or if you are planning to sell on those marketplaces, this group is for you. It does not matter if you are a business or an individual. The group welcomes businesses, individuals, and those who are interested in being educated on Amazon’s platform as a whole.

Admin: Rick Fuentes, Mindi Bear

Members: 27,000

The Amazing Seller

Originally created to go hand-in-hand with The Amazing Seller podcast created by Scott Voelker, this group is angled toward Amazon FBA sellers as well as those who sell private label. Today, the group is filled with vibrant conversation focused around e-commerce, entrepreneurship, and interviews with Amazon expert sellers.

Admin: Scott Voelker

Members: 54,408

A note about Facebook Groups from Peter Kearns:

“Facebook groups can be a very good resource for learning new sales strategies, best practices for account health, and overall knowledge for selling on Amazon. That said, sellers need to be very careful with Facebook groups because there is a lot of misinformation out there that can result in getting your account suspended. My two favorite Facebook groups are Wholesale Breakthrough and Amazing Freedom – Amazon Sellers. The reason why these groups stand out to me is because the people running the groups are sellers that have extensive experience on Amazon generating positive results by doing it the Amazon way.

They follow Amazon’s terms of service and believe in building long-term businesses by implementing the right strategies and not cutting corners. They’ve also been able to continuously reinvent their Amazon business as strategies change, policies get updated, and competition increases in both wholesale and private label. They’re also incredibly generous with their time and knowledge and they’re nice people.”

Peter Kearns is an ex-Amazon Marketplace leader who managed new seller recruiting and strategic FBA for the consumables categories for nearly four years. He is an expert on Amazon policy and brand strategy and he has worked with hundreds of sellers ranging from IR-500 businesses and small home-based operations to large worldwide brands and startups. During his time at Amazon, he collaborated with sellers and brand owners to help them successfully launch on the Amazon marketplace generating more than $300 million in gross merchant sales.

LinkedIn Groups

It is evident that Twitter is a popular destination for sellers looking for real-time Amazon updates and Facebook is more of a community-based, experience-sharing space. LinkedIn groups are still a reliable resource for professionals in the same industry to share content, find answers, make business contacts, and establish themselves as industry experts.

InternetRetailing – for leaders in ecommerce and multichannel retail – This group is ideal for discovering the latest technology, systems, fulfillment, fraud, and payments solutions as well as sharing customer retention and brand loyalty strategies (46,913 members).

eCommerce Experts, #1 Group for eCommerce Best Practices – The eCommerce Experts group is a community where sellers share feedback on a wide range of topics that impact eCommerce: content marketing, social media marketing, pros and cons of certain software solutions, industry leaders, SEO, conferences, and more (106,977 members).

eCommerce Executive Network- Online, Mobile, Marketing, Analytics, Big Data, Security, Cloud, Retail – This group is tailored to executives in e-commerce, marketing, and retail. The goal of the group is to encourage discussion of topics such as e-commerce, mobile, analytics, big data, cyber security, cloud software, and more (13,970 members).

eCommerce Merchants – eCommerce Merchants is focused on helping online retailers grow their business by offering peer to peer education and partner benefits (7,098 members). eCommerce Merchants provides best practices guidance, technology and infrastructure advice, and sourcing and supplies solutions to online merchants around the world.

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Bonus Section: The Top 5 Telegram Groups for Amazon Sellers to Join

Telegram, a cloud-based messaging app, has become quite popular among Amazon sellers as a community-based forum for discussions around various aspects of operating on Amazon. Telegram groups can have up to 200,000 members each and members can send messages, photos, and files of any tips (doc, zip, etc.) within their channels and groups.

We have compiled five popular Telegram groups for Amazon sellers to join to enable you to participate in the greater e-commerce dialogue, share best practices, and stay informed with regard to policies and requirements for selling on the platform.

1. Amazon Sellers Important Information

This group, with nearly 3,000 subscribers, contains updates with regard to critical information for vendors selling directly to Amazon via a wholesale first-party relationship, as well as for sellers on the third-party marketplace. There does not seem to be a limit on the Amazon topics included in this group, with posts that reference shipping and fulfillment, storage, brand presence, account suspension, sales tax and VAT information, product reviews, and more.

From recommendations on how to remove specific hijackers from your listing, prevent counterfeiters from selling your items, navigate storage limits and overage, understand who can apply for the Brand Registry, see new language Amazon is using with regard to account suspension, and deal with phishing emails that are pretending to be Amazon, the news shared in this group is highly valuable, relevant, and clear.

2. Private Label

Amazon has more than 125 private label brands of its own, with no signs of slowing down. However, instead of viewing this private label initiative as a threat, sellers should view it as an opportunity to adjust and optimize their sales strategies. This channel was created for sellers to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to establish and effectively scale an enterprise private label business on Amazon.

From brand gating and campaign strategy to packaging UPCs and barcodes and recommendations for third-party logistics providers, this thread is composed of recommendations that relate to brand protection, ASIN and category-level inquiries, search terms and ad inquiries, shipping, and fulfillment.

3. Sourcing From China

Sourcing products from Alibaba, the well-known Chinese e-commerce company that provides manufacturing sourcing options for businesses of all sizes, or elsewhere from China, can involve risks associated with scams and finding the right products to sell. In this group, members discuss foreign transaction fees when purchasing from Alibaba, product inspection and quality assurance company recommendations, payment options and best practices, trade insurance, and more.

4. SFP

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime is the company’s self-service fulfillment method for merchants with their own warehouses or third-party logistics providers. It grants qualified sellers the Prime badge on orders fulfilled on their own, and like FBA, requires sellers to deliver on the Prime promise and maintain the same customer-first performance metric requirements. In this group, sellers discuss how to maintain Amazon’s on-time delivery rate, UPS and FedEx shipping guidelines, requirements, and policy changes, third-party logistics providers for SFP-related functions such as label printing, effectively slicing SFP by region, and more.

5. Repricing Group

This group is beneficial and advantageous for sellers looking to optimize their Amazon pricing strategy and understand the features of the following repricing options: algorithmic repricing, rule-based repricing, and manual repricing. Sellers share firsthand experiences with repricing technology and how they have used it to maximize profits, Buy Box share, and sales velocity.

Final Thoughts

Telegram’s speed and security features have helped it become a trusted mass market messaging system, in addition to the other social media platforms mentioned above. Amazon sellers can leverage social media groups and forums to gain answers and insights to selling pain points, increase their presence and exposure, and uncover best practices and strategies.

We want to hear from you! We encourage you to get in touch with us if you have other Amazon-focused social media suggestions or if you think we are missing any industry-renowned groups or accounts from this list.

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