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How to Get Customers Outside of Amazon to Visit Your Brand Store

Brand Stores are becoming non-negotiable. Learn what methods and strategies you can use to drive traffic outside of Amazon to your Amazon Brand Store. By Rachel Van Clepper December 20, 2022
How to Get Customers Outside of Amazon to Visit Your Brand Store

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Amazon Brand Stores are becoming non-negotiable.

Whether you are a large or small brand, Brand Stores function like miniature e-commerce websites and are one of the last places on Amazon where you have the full web page to promote your brand and products and tell your story. 

Even individual product detail pages aren’t safe. Amazon product detail pages have Sponsored ads located on the page that can feature other brands and products, talk about competition!

For example, if you are on the product detail page for a bag of Starbucks coffee beans, Pete’s coffee could buy an ad placement on that same page.

Ads on product detail pages can tempt shoppers to choose a different product before clicking “buy now” and making their purchase. The image below shows an example of two ad placements that can detract attention from a featured product on the page. 

Amazon Product Detail Page Sponsored Ads

Amazon Brand Stores give you the full control of a typical e-commerce website, giving your shoppers an undistracted view of your products.

As of now, Amazon Brand Stores are only available for registered and certified brands on Amazon vendors and agencies. If you haven’t built your Brand Store yet on Amazon, there is no cost to creating a store, and we recommend starting with this read, How To Build Your Amazon Brand Store.

Continue reading to learn about new updates to Amazon Brand Stores and the strategies you can use to direct traffic to these high-converting pages.

The Brand Store is the one place on Amazon where shoppers can explore all of your products and only your products. 

The Importance of Utilizing an Amazon Brand Store

Brand Stores are your brand’s home base or virtual storefront. They are an immersive, multipage experience where you control how you want to categorize and introduce yourself to your audience with your own branded URL on Amazon. 

In today’s competitive market, optimizing your Brand Store is an excellent opportunity to generate sales and increase brand awareness. You can customize the store easily with predesigned templates to spotlight your best-selling products. There are also built-in social sharing features to drive traffic to your store.

Be warned, Amazon Brand Stores are not a set-it-and-forget-it feature. The best Brand Stores are the ones that are regularly updated and used to drive traffic to Amazon. On average, Amazon Brand Stores that have been updated in the last 90 days have 21% more repeat visitors and higher attributed sales.

Amazon Brand Store Example: Amazon Basics Holiday Edition

The Best Brand Store on Amazon

One of the best use cases for the Amazon Brand Store or Amazon storefront is, no surprise, Amazon Basics.

Why is Amazon Basics a great example? It’s simple but impactful, Amazon updates their Amazon Basics storefronts to fit the current season.

In the example on the left, they use their Amazon Brand Store to showcase timely products and deals. Even if the product isn’t a “seasonal item,” the imagery is styled to showcase the season. For example, the screenshot shows the different products styled for the holidays in the cover photo, regardless of if they sell the item all year round. 

There is a variety of viewing options based on different categories, giving you a one-stop shopping experience for household products. The categories are important in this example to not overwhelm the consumer with every item on each page.

We recommend creating at least three pages or categories in your Amazon Brand Store to get the best results.

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Shoppers can now "follow" a Brand Store on Amazon.

New Updates to Amazon’s Brand Store

When Brand Stores were first introduced to Amazon, they were difficult to find, and there was no option to “shop by Brand Store.”

Fast forward to 2022, and there are now a variety of ways to point consumers to your Amazon Brand Store, including the option for consumers to “follow” a brand for easier access to a brand’s Store, Posts, and Amazon Livestreams.

Other recent updates to the Amazon Brand Store functionality include:

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How to Get Customers Outside of Amazon to Visit Your Brand Store

Shoppers can find Amazon Brand Stores in a variety of ways on Amazon, including a direct URL, brand search on Amazon, Sponsored Brands ads, and organic shopping results. Because of the higher-than-average conversion rates on Brand Store pages, many brands are now looking to find more ways outside of Amazon to drive traffic to their Store.

But with search traffic on Amazon being as competitive as it is, it has become even more important to utilize different strategies to drive brand store traffic, giving brands more control over what a shopper sees.

Continue reading to learn three methods you can use to bring more traffic outside of Amazon directly to your Store.

1. Amazon DSP

Advertising has become a necessity for Amazon brands and sellers. 

Sponsored Brand Ads

Advertising your products helps you boost brand awareness and build your funnel. Although there are a wide variety of ad types and options on and off Amazon, we recommend starting with Sponsored Brand Ads to boost visits to your Brand Store. These highly coveted PPC campaign ads use keywords or product (ASIN) targets that appear above or within organic search results on Amazon and product detail pages. 

Example of Amazon Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Product Placements

After building successful Sponsored Brand campaigns on Amazon to learn what works and what doesn’t, you can begin to expand to off-Amazon ads through the use of the Amazon demand-side platform (DSP).

Amazon DSP Ads

DSP ads are generally used with a higher funnel goal, driving brand awareness and impressions. DSP is a great way to expand your brand’s audience through the use of contextual targeting to pinpoint users searching or browsing for items relevant to products in your catalog. 

DSP ads can be directed to different pages on your Amazon Brand Store, giving you more complex audience targeting while directing shoppers to a targeted page focused solely on your brand and top-selling products.

The advertising options for DSP are endless, including advertising with video, and audio, including static and video options on platforms like Twitch and even in-store at physical locations like Whole Foods Market and Amazon Fresh.

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Create a sense of urgency with promotions and feature them front and center on your Amazon storefront.

2. Promotions on Amazon

Deals and promotions have been proven to increase visibility and help you gain more organic product reviews. 

There are a variety of promotion types that you can utilize on Amazon, such as:

  • Lightning deals
  • 7-Day deals
  • Prime-Exclusive Discounts
  • Deal Badges
  • Coupons
  • Promo Codes (Buy One/Get One, Percentage Off, Group Claim)

Promotions are an excellent method to bring shoppers to your Amazon Brand Store and keep them there. Just like a typical e-commerce store, you want to feature your best products and promotions at the front and center of your home page. 

When it comes to using promotions to drive shoppers to your Amazon Brand Store, highlighting temporary deals like lightning deals and 7-day deals creates a sense of urgency. Try pairing these deals or promo codes with advertising and organic social media campaign, or work with an influencer to create a personalized promo code to reach an even larger, untapped audience.

3. Social Media

Social platforms are now a popular search destination, with 40% of US consumers aged 18-24 starting their product searches on TikTok or Instagram.

On top of organic search on social, ads are just as important. A recent study found that the second biggest reason why U.S. buyers made purchases on social media was because they saw the product or brand in a social media ad, according to Insider Intelligence. 

The evolution of trust in social ads and product searches in social apps are the reasons we are seeing a lot of brands investing in social media to direct traffic to a specific product or their own e-commerce site. 

Investing in Social Media

There is no one right way to invest in social as a channel. Whether you are utilizing in-social advertising like Facebook, building an organic audience on your personal brand’s social media sites, or partnering with influencers, the main metrics you should consider are impressions, traffic, and attributed sales.

One of the cheapest ways to start driving traffic to your Amazon Brand Store is through your existing social channels. To start, I would recommend looking at your most effective or active channels and begin creating posts that direct to your Brand Store on Amazon. 

If you don’t yet have a strong brand presence on any social media channels, influencers or affiliate marketers are a great resource you can use to boost your audience through the use of an influencer’s built-in audience. Amazon even has their own Amazon Influencer Program.

Regardless of the social media method you choose, social is a great way to drive traffic and sales to your Amazon Brand Store.

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Rachel Van Clepper is a content marketing writer for Feedvisor, where she contributes to the company’s content marketing initiatives. Before joining Feedvisor, she was a senior content marketing writer for a nonprofit software company.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the strategies you choose, Amazon Brand Stores are a free and customizable feature that all registered brands should be taking advantage of. Try using each of these strategies or pair them together to drive impressions to your Amazon Brand Store and increase your overall sales. 

Need a little bit more help crafting your Amazon storefront? Feedvisor can help you optimize your Amazon Brand Store.

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