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What Is AMPS Launch?

Learn about Launch, the newest program from Amazon Marketplace Professional Services (AMPS) and what services it provides for new sellers. By IT June 19, 2019
What Is AMPS Launch?
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Amazon Marketplace Professional Services, known as AMPS, provides Amazon sellers with a variety of programs designed to help them optimize their experience selling on Amazon. The latest venture from AMPS is AMPS Launch, a three-month program for brand new sellers, designed to help them get their business started on Amazon through training and setup assistance.

To participate, sellers need to be operating on Amazon for 12 months or less and interested in working directly with Amazon account managers to learn the most effective use of Amazon tools, such as one-time setup services and navigating resources to set their business up for long-term success.

Services Included in AMPS Launch

The topics below will be covered by account managers in the AMPS Launch program:

1. Setting Up

This portion of the program covers topics such as product listing setup, investigation into issues with existing listings (listing down, incorrect ASIN contribution, etc.) Enhanced Brand Content for brand owners, and access to support via chat to help answer questions.

2. Shipment Services

Sellers will be able to learn which fulfillment method(s) make the most sense for their business. They can learn about how to prepare for their first shipment to understand requirements, receive product labeling tips, and discover shipment and tracking times. They can also receive coaching on Amazon’s Inventory Performance Index and how to optimize their inventory position.

3. Sales Coaching

In this portion of the program, sellers will be able to receive guidance and reporting to better understand the traffic that is coming to their product detail pages. Amazon’s account managers will help sellers determine if/when creating deals on Amazon is the right choice for their business. They can also receive information on setting up Lightning Deals, advertising on Amazon, and understanding Amazon SEO best practices and Seller Central reports.

4. Q&A and Issue Mitigation

By participating in AMPS Launch, new sellers have the opportunity to have their questions answers via live chat and/or email. They can also receive coaching strategies to help maintain account health and optimal performance metrics. They will be guided on how to minimize policy-related business issues that can disrupt their business such as reviews and chargeback claims.

AMPS Launch Program Structure

AMPS Launch costs new sellers $400 per month for three months. Over the course of the three months, sellers will have 1:1 coaching calls on each aforementioned topic, learn about how-to and training materials available to them such as Amazon webinars, and have access to live chat with Amazon account managers. According to Amazon, each of the four topics takes about three weeks to cover and throughout the three-month period, chat and email support will be available to participating sellers.

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