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Large Competitive Seller Tries ChannelAdvisor Repricer and Returns to Feedvisor

“I suddenly realized how user-friendly Feedvisor’s dashboard was.”

Large Competitive Seller


Susan founded her company in 2013 as a result of her passion for sewing and quilting. A long-time fabric fanatic, she stumbled into the e-commerce world when she decided to sell excess materials one day. That was the start of her lucrative sewing supplies and fabrics business.

She started selling on Etsy, and then expanded to Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Sears, and Jet. Selling more products on more channels meant Susan needed an inventory management system and the ability to control prices. She turned to ChannelAdvisor for the former, and Feedvisor for the latter in September 2016.

Susan was happy with Feedvisor, but decided to suspend her account in March 2017 to try ChannelAdvisor’s repricer, since its repricing was included in her package anyway. After one month, she realized it simply didn’t hold a candle to Feedvisor in terms of effectiveness. Susan returned to Feedvisor with newfound appreciation for the algorithmic repricer.



Finding the Right Repricer

Like all smart e-commerce business owners, Susan automated her inventory and repricing strategy once her business grew. She chose ChannelAdvisor to handle her inventory management, and Feedvisor to tackle her repricing strategy.

Susan was immediately pleased with the results of algorithmic repricing. She loved how easy it was to get the data she needed from the dashboard, and saw her sales and Buy Box shares steadily increase. However, she said she owed it to herself to test out ChannelAdvisor’s repricing solution because she was already using it for inventory management. If it worked, she would save money. If it didn’t, she would return to Feedvisor.

Unfortunately, ChannelAdvisor’s repricing and dashboard ended up falling short of the Susan’s company expectations.

She gave ChannelAdvisor her pricing structure but found she couldn’t optimize anything. Repricing was difficult to manipulate, and she had less control over her products. The lack of a success manager and low responsiveness was discouraging as well. It wasn’t long before she came back to Feedvisor.



“I just have to ask for help and it’s there. It’s instantaneous.”

Returning to a Company Where Repricing Is the Bread-and-Butter

Susan was relieved to return to Feedvisor. While ChannelAdvisor worked well for inventory management, it couldn’t compete on the repricing front. Back at Feedvisor, she regained control over her ASINs and was able to change aggressiveness levels to her liking. Any time she wanted to refine her pricing strategy, she simply spoke to her dedicated success manager. Using Feedvisor’s dashboard and smart reporting, she could decide which products should be sales focused, and which should be profit focused.




increase in profits


increase in Buy Box share

Through her test run with ChannelAdvisor’s repricing, Susan learned a key lesson: Repricing should be left to repricing experts, not companies whose specialty lies elsewhere. Relying on Feedvisor for repricing ensures she has the best software for her repricing needs. It’s no wonder her sales nearly doubled in just eight months with Feedvisor.

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