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MSKU (Merchant Stock Keeping Unit)


MSKU is an acronym for Merchant Stock Keeping Unit, and it is one of the ways that Amazon helps sellers keep track of their inventory. Each item within a seller’s inventory must have a valid and individualized SKU tag. For even more efficiency, however, Amazon allows sellers to delegate an MSKU for each item as well. This can be helpful for organizational purposes or for filing and tracking purposes, and many sellers working within the Amazon Marketplace use this practice as a standard business practice.

Using and Reusing the MSKU

The MSKU is comprised of a unique string of numbers and/or letters created by the seller. The Amazon system will not allow a seller to use the same MSKU more than once for a different product – an error message will appear if this is attempted to inform the seller of the discrepancy. However, if the seller wishes to list multiple copies of the same product in the same condition, then he should use the same merchant SKU when listing. If a unique number is used, a new product will be created and will not be associated with the original product at all. Multiple listings such as these are only available with a Pro Merchant account.

By clicking on the MSKU, the seller will be directed to an information page that contains all the details about that specific product. Sellers can also search by MSKU to find a particular product more quickly.

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