Amazon Buy Box Software — What Tools Will Help You Win?

Amazon’s notorious Buy Box is the hottest piece of online marketplace real estate. Aiming to win this glorious hot seat can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge, but luckily there are multiple forms of Amazon Buy Box software that can help sellers succeed.


Good feedback is a very important factor in winning the Buy Box, and the more recent the feedback, the greater the effect it has.

Trying to encourage your customers to give you feedback at all is difficult at the best of times. Not just because it takes time and energy, but because the vast majority of customers get lazy.

FeedbackGenius and FeedbackFive are two tools that aid sellers in the feedback process. They send automatic and customized reminders to customers, and allow for monitoring of negative feedback. This saves the seller time, unnecessary hassle, and hopefully improves all the feedback-related customer metrics.


Changing the price of a product is the quickest and easiest way to win the Buy Box. While lowering the total price will almost always help the seller increase his chances of being “noticed”, it’s not always the smartest approach since even if he does win, he’ll be compromising on profits.

Feedvisor is a repricing tool that enables sellers to win the Buy Box, while at the same time optimize their profit margins. Using a complex and multi-faceted algorithm that takes into account all market conditions — involving the seller, the competition, and Amazon themselves — Feedvisor finds the pricing “sweet spot” that is right for each individual seller.



Shipping time has a high impact on the Buy Box, and is even more crucial for time-critical products and perishable goods. Delivering your products promptly and efficiently is therefore crucial to your online business success.

Whether you use FBA or fullfill your items yourself, there are companies out there who can help you with the shipping process.

ShipWorks connects to your seller account and downloads each order. It then creates shipping labels, processes invoices, manages customer tracking information and updates the online status of each order. ShipStation is a similar company, enabling sellers to create personalized packing slips as well as branded labels.